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190g weight gain in 2 weeks for 3 month old ebf baby

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wineapotamus Tue 13-Jun-17 15:17:11

Would you say this was ok? She was born on 50th, then settled just below 25th after a looooong 3 weeks regaining birth weight. Now she's slipped to just above 9th. HV has no concerns, she's alert and happy and sleeps really well at night. I have residual anxiety around bfeeding and weight gain, so think I need some objective perspective...

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tiktok Tue 13-Jun-17 18:16:11

It's within normal limits and if Hv is happy with her health it's reassuring. It makes sense to ensure you maximise opportunities to feed if you are at all concerned - offer without being asked, for example.

FatillaTheHun Tue 13-Jun-17 18:25:02

It takes a while for the baby to find their own natural weight, their birth weight is more a reflection on how your placenta was, now your baby is finding their own normal based on their own metabolism and appetite.

Concentrate more on whether you've got a bright, happy baby hitting the milestones you would expect. They would definitely tell you if they were hungry!!

My dd went from 85th to 30th by 3 months, and I was just as anxious as you! But now she's now a 91st centile 7 month old, still breastfed! They don't all follow the curve!

wineapotamus Wed 14-Jun-17 09:24:27

Thank you. I'm trying not to panic because I know there isn't really anything to panic about. I just really want the vindication and reassurance of her gaining weight really well-but everything else tells me she's doing fine. Trying to encourage her to feed longer didn't work this morning-she was definitely finishes when she finished! Will try and feed her more often but it's busy with ds, school run, dog walking etc!

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wineapotamus Wed 14-Jun-17 09:26:29

I think she just isn't that hungry-she wakes at 6.30 ish having slept since 11.00 and doesn't ask for food at all. She babbles and grins and looks about happily. I'd be ravenous! She takes it when offered but think I should accept she has a smaller appetite...

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