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Triangle shaped section won't drain in boob

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summerson Sat 10-Jun-17 07:13:45

Hi wise ones,

A triangular shaped part of one breast is full/hard and won't go away when I feed or express. I have a 4 month old so I don't know why this has suddenly happened now.

It's been 24 hours like this now hmm

Any advice? Is this a blocked milk dict causing ineffective milk removal?

imip Sat 10-Jun-17 07:18:23

Try a warm compress?

It's been years since I breastfeed, but I did feed 4dc for a combined 6 years. I think I'd try a warm flannel, esp when feeding to try to encourage it to unblock and perhaps push down gentle when feeding on it to see if it clears.

I guess I'd want to drain it in case of mastitis (been there !)

Orangedaisy Sat 10-Jun-17 07:19:26

Try combing it with a wide toothed comb. And warm/hot compress. Sounds like blocked duct to me.

picklemepopcorn Sat 10-Jun-17 07:19:27

Warm flannel and massage should do the trick.

HashtagPenelope82 Sat 10-Jun-17 07:27:38

Sounds like a blocked milk duct to me too. I'd normally get them when dc had just had a growth spurt, so had been feeding loads, supply increased, then feeding less, so over supply. Or if I was particularly tired/ stressed. What worked for me was hot bath or shower, massaging the area and hand expressing, always starting feeds on that side until it goes, and drinking loads of water, with bra off as much as possible.

villainousbroodmare Sat 10-Jun-17 07:27:41

Concentrate your masage at the point of the triangle that's closest to your nipple, as that's where the blockage is. Work on it! And feed that side.

BendingSpoons Sat 10-Jun-17 07:29:21

You could also try feeding in a different position e.g. rugby ball hold, over your shoulder lying down to get your little one to stimulate different ducts.

OpposableThumbs2 Sat 10-Jun-17 07:30:12

Also, try and feed so their chin is at the blocked side. Might require some contortionists positions.

northdownmummy Sat 10-Jun-17 07:35:41

Dangle feeding can also be effective, try a hot compress then massage before feeding to loosen everything

Another top tip, is to use an electric toothbrush to massage the area.

summerson Sat 10-Jun-17 17:33:29

Thank you clever ladies it worked!

Dangle feeding, massage, hot water bottle, some combination of it all did the trick!

imip Sat 10-Jun-17 17:41:24

Oh brill - enjoys bubs!

My youngest is 5.5 yrs and I finished bf about 2.5 years ago. Even when my youngest cries now, I'm sometimes hit by the urge to bf to comfort them blush

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