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Is she getting enough??

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MissJC Mon 05-Jun-17 10:00:03

Hi all, advice required! I am worried that my 15 week old DD might not be getting enough formula.
A typical day goes like this:

Wakes at 7:30am - 8oz
11am - 7oz
2:30pm - 7oz
6pm - 7-8oz.

She then goes to sleep at 8pm and won't even consider another feed until the next morning, I've tried giving her a sleepy bottle around 11pm but she just isn't interested.

I'm worried that she is only getting 4 bottles a day and dropping that 5th feed. She hasn't lost any weight and is 13lb which is average on her centile.

Any opinions welcome! Thanks in advance ladies.

CherriesInTheSnow Mon 05-Jun-17 11:00:29

Hi smile that sounds like quite a large bottle at this age, which is probably why she having less bottles.

I would feed her 5 - 6oz 5 times a day, though I would reduce the feed a little gradually. For example maybe during the day do 3 six ounce feeds but space them closer together.

I'm sure baby is fine but you don't really want to be filling them with lots if milk so they sleep for long periods of time, it's really better and reduce's the risk of SIDS etc to try and mimic a more natural, little and often approach.

Joffmognum Mon 05-Jun-17 11:45:34

Is she a colicky baby? I'm surprised she can drink 8oz in one go, unless she's got a large stomach capacity.

If she's keeping to her line, is happy and the health visitor has no worries then she's fine, but I'd personally be trying to get her to drink less more often. What happens when you stop after 5 or 6oz? Does she cry for more?

MissJC Mon 05-Jun-17 12:14:59

Thank you for responding!

If I give her 6oz She drains the bottle then cries for more but I will try and gradually reduce and space them closer together. It's just her own little routine that she seems to have developed.

I don't intentionally fill her up to sleep for long periods and I have read about SIDS and deep sleep etc so I would prefer her to wake me up at 3am or whatever time, but she just likes to sleep at night. I'm still up poking her 100 times throughout as I worry about SIDS as you mentioned.

She was draining 6oz at 12 weeks and crying for more so HV advised an extra ounce so that's when she transitioned to 7oz and wanted more space between feeds.

She doesn't have colic and is a dream with her wind. She has never vomited up a feed apart from the odd bit of possetting.

I will try 6oz again and try her feeds closer together as you suggest.

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