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EBF choking during feeds. Not sure it's reflux anymore...

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adamnfinecupofcoffee Wed 31-May-17 17:35:11

3week old, getting angry when feeding

Hello, above is my previous thread from 5 weeks ago.

So, since then ranitidine has been prescribed and upped. Seemed to help. Then reflux symptoms got worse and DS stopped feeding- up paediatrics again and they suggested cmpi and to cut out dairy. Ranitidine upped again

Fast forward to today. DS 8 weeks. Is now choking on feeds. Dribbling during feeds (we are both soaked) GP was concerned at choking and sent us back to paediatrics. Here now, being observed.

Consultant has suggest switching to dairy free formula- but not sure what this will do if I'm already dairy free (I'm very strict with it).

I'm convinced it's tongue tie. Dr here had a very quick look and said no.

DS has not fed since 7.30am and has not had a wet or dirty nappy. Still under observation.

So, so I have to switch to formula if the drs tell me? How will it stop the choking?

How can I get a proper check for TT?

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bf1000 Wed 31-May-17 20:13:24

No you don't have to switch to formula. They may want to see a breastfeeding feed and then a bottle feed to see if baby reacts differently but no reason why they shouldn't support you by providing a pump for you to express for this feed.

Ask to see the a lactation consultant. Ask why they want you to switch.
Dairy free formula is horrible and many mums struggle to get babies to take it, in addition to change of taste delivery in a bottle is going to be very different too so he may not take a bottle anyway.
BREASTMILK is also very healing to a gut. So even if it's a reaction to something you are consuming if you are not sure what that is it may be I the formula. Dairy free formula is less nutritional than normal formula which is less nutritious then breastmilk.

Is concerning that he isn't feeding and no wet dirty nappies. Anything since?

bf1000 Wed 31-May-17 20:15:37

Just reread OP and the first priority is to find out why not wetting nappies. Try lots of skin to skin. If you need to supplement to get urine passing then this doesn't need to be end of feeding. Ask for a pump ASAP so you can express feeds for him and maintain your supply, prevent you getting mastitis. Really hope he starts weeing soon x

bf1000 Wed 31-May-17 20:18:19

A breastfeeding consultant or specialist should be able to identify tongue tie or refer you to someone who can. My friends son tie couldn't be seen but could be felt so ask them to feel for a tie too. Good luck x

adamnfinecupofcoffee Wed 31-May-17 21:41:25

Thank you everyone. The lactation consultant at the hospital has a Facebook page and I private messaged her.

She came down to the assessment unit to see us, diagnosed tongue tie and snipped it there and then!

She then got me a pump and I pumped 150ml 😵 and DS took 4ozs in a bottle. She said I shouldn't be pressured into the formula, as he's putting on weight and hopefully now the TT is snipped he will feed better.

He has a very high palette, so she suggested "the flipple" and nipple shields if it helps DS to stay latched properly and to drain the boob (I've had terrible mastitis a fe weeks ago)

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adamnfinecupofcoffee Wed 31-May-17 21:43:25

Before I messaged the LC, I asked a dr to check for TT- they shone a torch in his mouth and said "nope". hmm

Why did it have to take me facebooking the hospital's lactation consultant to get a proper diagnosis? Unbelievable! angry

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bf1000 Wed 31-May-17 22:19:07

So glad you saw the lactation consultant and had tie snipped.

I know it's unbelievable that mums have to be so proactive to get the right support. So many health professionals are so uneducated 9n breastfeeding and try push formula when it's not needed

Jakeyblueblue Sat 10-Jun-17 21:24:47

My youngest son choked on feeds and he had laryngiomalacia. None of the medics picked it up, I had done my own research and pushed until someone took me seriously. Maybe Have a google and see if you think it sounds a possibility?

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