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Typical EBF patterns by month

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Ginger782 Wed 31-May-17 10:45:48

I'm hoping one of the MN BF gurus (*@FATEdestiny*?) may come along and help me out here.
I'm a FTM of a 4 month old, we have been exclusively breastfeeding since birth. I've just been winging it and following her lead without any understanding of what to expect each month. We are going to be heading away for a family thing on a domestic flight when DD is 9 months old, then a 2 week international holiday when she is 10.5/11 months. What kind of breastfeeding/solid food feeding patterns can I be expecting each month moving forwards? I'm reading conflicting info about dropping night feeds and offering H2O as well??
Any help appreciated, even if you just outline what a typical 24hrs of feeding looked like for you at each month. grin

teaandbiscuitsforme Wed 31-May-17 12:55:34

You can offer water from 6 months when you start weaning.

By 9-11 months, you would normally be offering 3 meals a day but having said that, we did BLW and if DD was asleep, she didn't eat that meal or had a snack at a more appropriate time. It doesn't have to be rigid.

Same with BF. I started back in work when DD was 9 months so on the mornings I was at work, she didn't feed from me leaving the house to arriving home (about 7:30-1:30), but if I was at home, she'd feed more regularly.

So I would say not to worry about it still and follow her lead. If you need to leave it longer between feeding because of plans, she'll be fine with water and a snack. If it's more convenient to BF because it's harder to get food prepared, that will be ok too. I think it's quite a flexible age. smile

RockCrushesLizard Wed 31-May-17 13:17:49

Babies vary hugely. There are seven month olds who have two breast feeds a day, with three big meals and snacks, and 11 month olds who have 8 feeds a day and bits of finger food.

It's pretty much impossible to predict which you will get until nearer the time - a baby who is refusing spoons in favour of finger foods at that stage will probably be the same a couple of months later...

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