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Meals on the go for 18 month old

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BusyBee2017 Sun 28-May-17 21:09:00

I straggle with meals on the go with my 18 month old.

I have no problem with snacks as I take out fruit and breadsticks, carrot sticks and dips but I struggle with meals on the go which are okay cold just in case there is no way of hearing up a meal on the go.

Obvious one are sandwiches but I wanted more ideas please so I can take out meals with me for my LO if we don't get back in time for lunch or dinner.

If I leave an hour before his lunch I will heat his food up and put it in a tub so it will be slightly warm by the time he comes to eat it but I am struggling with meals in the go which he can eat cold.

BusyBee2017 Sun 28-May-17 21:09:49

Struggle not straggle lol

teaandbiscuitsforme Sun 28-May-17 21:18:30

The BLW cookbook has a few ideas for sandwich alternatives to make into a meal - things like cheese and spinach muffins, cheese flapjack, lentil slices, quiche.

Shinesun9 Sun 28-May-17 21:26:46

Marking place - my dd really isn't into sandwiches so I find it hard too

Gileswithachainsaw Sun 28-May-17 21:31:36

Pasta salad?

Cold home made pizza/mini muffin pizza?

Quiche or tarte of some kind?

carrotcakecupcake Sun 28-May-17 21:39:47

Wrap spread with cream cheese or hummus and sliced into "wheels" or pasta with chunks of cheese/ham. TBH I still struggle with this as 3.5yo DS doesn't like sandwiches!

BusyBee2017 Sun 28-May-17 23:09:37

Yeah my DS doesn't like sandwiches either ... he rarely touches them when I make them but my mother in law has fed him sandwiches twice!

She told me he almost has two breads once!!! He had three squares !

I need to make or buy some quiches and look into the other dishes

Thank you everybody

Shinesun9 Mon 29-May-17 08:47:23

I occasionally do jam sandwiches which go down well but obviously not great for everyday

Doje Mon 29-May-17 08:53:15

We eat a lot of quiche! It's so easy and versatile!

How about a pasta salad / tuna pasta? Falafel (bit dry on its own, you'd need a dip). I made a frittata thing a while ago - cook pasta till almost ready, then mix in an omelette kind of mix, some spinach, cherry tomatoes, cheese, and bake in the oven for a bit. Slice it like a quiche. Or a pick and mix kind of lunch. Ham, blocks of cheese, carrot sticks, cucumber and crackers or Ryvita (or just bread).

Doje Mon 29-May-17 08:54:13

My kids have always liked cold potatoes and cold roasted sweet potato too.

BusyBee2017 Mon 29-May-17 12:44:07

Thank you everybody very useful tips there

I will have to try a few dishes for him and see how it goes .. at least then I won't be worrying about him eating too many snacks and he can have meals whilst out ....

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