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Day 3, is this all ok? And tt.

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ilovetosleep Tue 16-May-17 12:57:34

I should know all this as I ebf Dcs 1&2 through to toddlerhood, but the early days are such a haze and we have had tongue ties to deal with each time so I never know what is quite normal!

So DC3 has tt too, but my nipples aren't in tatters yet and I think we'll make it til next week when we are scheduled to have it snipped. I'm just wondering about my milk supply. It came in yesterday, I was red, hot and engorged, I did everything I could to get her feeding every 2 hours. She tires very easily and the most I can get her to do is 5-10 mins every 2 hrs, and then maybe 3 times a day she has had a bigger feed of 10 mins each side. So about 14 small feeds in 24 hrs at least. She's definitely more settled today so I think milk has definitely come in. My doubts are that she doesn't seem to be draining the breast at all, the engorgement is less painful today but stilll very hard and after 5-10 min feeds she doesn't seem to have made a dent in them! I'm worried she's not emptying them and my body will as a result not make enough milk. I just dug out my old medela swing and In 3 mins of pumping I got a couple oz and my boob was noticing softer. So she's not as efficient as my pump. Should I be worried about that? It's definitely worse on one side, the side where her latch is obv worse and my nipples are most sore. Should I continue to express after each feed at least until tongue tie is sorted?

She was born Saturday and we already had 2-3 yellow seedy poos so she's obv getting some milk. And weeing lots too.

I've not had these concerns before, I had over supply with the others and milk was squirting and leaking everywhere by day 3 both times so I feel a bit concerned that my left boob isn't draining properly and am at risk of blockage. Also finding it hard to hand express which previously I have had a really good knack for. Maybe iMm jumping ahead of myself and day 3 is far too soon to be worrying about all this.

Sorry that's all such a rambling mess. Not slept since Friday!
Thanks for any advice

tiktok Tue 16-May-17 17:17:04

I think you are over thinking smile

You don't need to pump - eek, pumping on day 3? Way to complicate life!

Who told you you had to 'drain' the breast? Your baby should be the guide, not the state of your breasts smile

Weigh her tomorrow to get a full picture but it sounds to me that everything is normal - it's your confidence that needs a boost smile

Have a word with a knowledgable midwife or breastfeeding counsellor and I bet you are reassured.

ilovetosleep Tue 16-May-17 18:31:15

Wow tiktok you're still around! You helped me so much with my other DCs. I'm not in UK and midwives aren't amazing with bf support but i'be been brought back down to earth and you're right, I'm probably way ahead of myself! I just remember things being a lot more leaky and squirty last time and I'm sure after feeds my breasts softened. Hence being usure she was getting anything out.

We're getting her weighed on Thursday so will see then! Had a pretty hectic few days and feeling a bit shell shocked hence the anxiety.

Thanks for your reply

ilovetosleep Tue 16-May-17 18:33:12

I do have another question though... if she feeds for 5mins then wakes up 10mins later and takes more, should I do same boob or swap sides?

tiktok Wed 17-May-17 23:44:46

Doesn't really matter smile.

Probably in these very early days giving the other breast a 'turn' is a good idea.

Please don't worry about foremilk and hindmilk. Just be responsive to your baby.

If she drops off after a minute or two, then it's prob a good idea to stay on the sane breast.

But honestly, for most mothers and babies, it's no big deal either way - things settle down just fine.

Glad I helped you smile

Hope things start to feel easier soon.

Fisherwoman14 Wed 17-May-17 23:51:17

I'm no expert but I remember with my DC1 she kept dropping off to sleep so I was told to tickle her feet to wake her up and keep her feeding.
If you're feeling a bit engorged you could compress your boobs in a warm shower too to relieve them?
Seedy poos are good news so I'm sure you're doing fine smile

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