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Baby sick after feeding from right breast?!

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StephB2017 Thu 27-Apr-17 18:07:11

Hi all, my LO is 13 weeks old and is EBF (he's my first child). It's been going great, however over the past few weeks he has started vomiting after feeding from my right breast. It doesn't appear to make him upset or uncomfortable, however there is a LOT of it, or at least it looks that way when he brings it up. He also gulps loudly when I first put him on the breast. Also, when I am in the shower and I squeeze that nipple, I notice that it sprays in all different directions, and one spray is really thick, as though it is coming from a bigger hole than all the others! (sorry not the best way to explain that!) I am wondering if I have a forceful let-down, and if it's possible to have in just one breast? And if so, what should I do about this? I've tried pumping a bit before I put him on, but I read that this is not recommended as it just encourages your breast to supply even more. Is that right?

The left breast is fine, and he's gaining weight very well. He also has plenty of wet nappies. He poos every morning, and they are always very runny, with colours that range from orange to yellow to dark brown and occasionally green!! Doc said this isn't a problem (?)

Hope I can get some advice.

Best regards

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic Sat 29-Apr-17 16:48:23

Honestly don't know on that one sorry. Have you tried the Bfing Helplines? Have you got the numbers? smile

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