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Tesco- MAM bottles

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Crisscrosscranky Sun 23-Apr-17 17:43:02


A friend picked these up for me this afternoon at our local Tesco Extra- reduced from £17.50 to 88p! Keep your eyes peeled as apparently our local store had lots of pink and blue boxes this afternoon (not sure how many will still be there Monday morning!)

I used Tommee Tippee bottles with DD1 (a decade ago grin) and DD2 not due until July so no experience of MAM but for £2.64 for three packs I'm liking them already!

CaipirinhasAllRound Sun 23-Apr-17 18:10:14

88p! Wow! I used Mam bottles last time and really liked them

DeliciouslyHella Sun 23-Apr-17 21:02:45

That's excellent value! We used MAM bottles for DD, they're great.

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