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How do I increase time between feeds - 12w/o?

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user1492879771 Sat 22-Apr-17 20:31:41

Hi fellow mums,

My son is 12 weeks old and I would appreciate your advice. I'm b/feeding on demand and am pleased I made the decision to do so. The early cluster feeding (8am - 1pm and 6pm - 11pm) was a particular killer but I did it and have made it this far. I've also read countless threads saying, 'enjoy it, it doesn't last long, go with the flow' - so I've taken that very good advice and have enjoyed the bonding process.

The thing is, at 12 weeks, my LO is still 'on my breast' every 30-45mins through the day for anything between 10 and 30mins at a time...sometimes feeding, sometimes sucking for comfort/closeness, sometimes to get to sleep, sometimes because he's experienced loads of new things that day and seems a bit overwhelmed etc. Have any of you been through similar and can you advise me how long this might last? Is there a way I can gradually extend the breaks between feeding without distressing my LO or will he start doing this himself? I am engaging him for short bursts with play mats, tummy time, talking, reading, singing etc.

A couple more details:

- He has excellent weight gain / is growing fast!!
- He has normal wet/dirty nappies per day so can only assume supply is fine
- He's sleeping and feeding as expected at night - 8pm to 7am with 2 night feeds at 1am and 4am. He 'self-settles' in the evening by sucking his thumb after feeding.
- Latch and technique are good - as observed by health visitors and midwife
- Daytime naps are a challenge but I'm just about managing to give him the c.4 hours sleep he needs by letting him sleep on top of me
- Generally he seems happy and in good health...occasionally spits up a little milk but not enough to make me think he has a serious reflux issue.

The only adequate distractions I've found are car journeys and walks, when he often sleeps.

Any suggestions appreciated...thanks!

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Blossom789 Sun 23-Apr-17 03:42:20

Is he showing you feeding cues? I know my DS same age has started sucking his hand which was a feeding cue but is now just exploring which throws me! Try distracting to stretch out longer?? You have some great sleep at night so I'd be worried about changing too much during the day for fear it would impact at night.

Neverknowing Sun 23-Apr-17 04:22:13

I don't think you do honestly!! It was a godsend when my DD stopped feeding that regularly but it didn't happen until about four months, still very glad I saw it out though!
DD is teething now and putting her on the breast helps with her pain.

Cupcakegirl13 Sun 23-Apr-17 04:56:52

Sounds like you are doing fab , especially for 12 weeks! Only two night feeds is amazing, I'd say just go with the flow and it will gradually happen on its own. I BF dd for 12 months and there were times where I was on my knees with constant feeding , but looking back now she is 2.5 I miss it and think how quickly it actually went. Keep doing what you are doing x

user1492879771 Sun 23-Apr-17 07:38:33

Thanks all - think I just needed some reassurance. Blossom789 - for feeding cues he literally sinks his whole body down my chest and 'burrows', making an 'eh, eh, eh' noise! grin He's just very sucky I think!

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Highlove Sun 23-Apr-17 19:33:06

How's he doing in terms of naps in the day? I know with my first I didn't the first few months confusing tired signs for hungry, and of course when tired they never say no to the boob!

Highlove Sun 23-Apr-17 19:33:39

*i spent the first few months.

user1492879771 Sun 23-Apr-17 20:30:29

Highlove - daytime naps are a headache! typically 8:30am - 9am, a sleepy, dozy suckfest from 11am-1pm where I struggle to get him to sleep continuously, and 45mins or so around 3:30pm. I've been having more success in the last fortnight by letting him sleep on me (meaning I barely leave the sofa all day!! sad. But yes he always 'flutter sucks' to sleep in the day.

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