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Haakaa breast pump. Any thoughts?

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wineapotamus Mon 17-Apr-17 14:05:51

Not expressing at the moment, but thought it might be a good buy in the future if I ever manage any time away from the baby! Are they any good? Looks too good to be true from the price!

MyCatLikesToSitInBoxes Mon 17-Apr-17 22:01:01

I really like mine. It takes some practice to get the technique right. It then it works well. I use it when we travel.

wineapotamus Tue 18-Apr-17 07:35:35

Thanks! So would you recommend it for an occasional express to build up a stash? X

Summertime10 Tue 18-Apr-17 16:32:22

I read somewhere that the haakaa encourages 'drip milk' and won't be as fatty or filling as milk from a traditional breast pump. Does anybody have any experience of this? I've heard fantastic reviews about the haakaa, I'm 20 weeks pregnant and hoping to use this pump when baby arrives too.
Thanks K x

MyCatLikesToSitInBoxes Thu 20-Apr-17 19:42:32

I don't know if I'd use it as my only pump. I think it depends how dependent you are on a freezer stash. I never get as much out using the Hakaa as I do with my Ardo Calypso, but that might be just down to me. I think how you let down to different pumps is very individual.

I've never heard about the drip milk issue - as far as I can see, the milk which I express using the Hakaa looks the same as the Calypso. It separates if I leave it in the fridge and there is always a layer of fat on top.

MummyPenguin2 Thu 20-Apr-17 19:52:16

Not much help, but I've bought one and baby is due imminently. I used a medela swing and medela harmony last time, but I wanted the haakaa to collect the let-down during feeding. I'll let you know once I've tried it

wineapotamus Fri 21-Apr-17 12:20:36

Thanks everyone. Im not in dire need of a pump for exclusive pumping or anything, it's not even for a bottle a day, I just wondered
If it would be an easy, cheap way of getting a bit of milk off occasionally so we could try her with a bottle and so relatives could feed her if they wanted. Sounds like it depends
on the let down. Also, what if you are feeding from one side and expressing from the other and then the little one wants to swap sides. Do they get all narky that boob 2 isn't as full?

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