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Nursing strike advice please -is this the end?

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Cubik Tue 11-Apr-17 21:07:32

DC is 11months, and is on day six of a nursing strike.

It started when he was viral and teething. He bit me latching on. I gave s little gasp +have braced myself not to shriek from previous teething bites) and jerked slightly, although he was still latched on. He came off hysterical and has refused to feed since.

I've tried bathing with him, skin to skin, lying topless in bed next to him. I didn't offer anything for 24 hrs after reading advice to do that on one thread.

He no longer has hysterics when he sees my boob, but he's not interested. He cries if I offer it at bedtime, but settles quickly with a cuddle.

I know he's nearly one, well weaned onto solids, and I can just call it a day, but I'd rather not if possible.

He did have one previous nursing strike a few weeks ago, but sleep fed twice, then fed as usual twelve hours later.

Is it likely I will have success getting him back on after a week?
Any other tips?


nannyplumislostinspace Tue 11-Apr-17 21:09:45

My DS did this at 10.5 months. It was his way of telling me he'd had enough. I pumped for a couple of weeks and continued to offer him the breast but he wasn't interested. Having spoken to other mums I think it is quite common.

Cubik Wed 12-Apr-17 06:38:14

That's a shame. I keep thinking it's something I've done.
Thank you.

norbert23 Wed 12-Apr-17 06:50:12

Feeding when drowsy and switching from a dummy / bottle back to bf worked for us. If it doesn't happen then you've done everything you can, 11 months is a really long time so well done! X

genome Wed 12-Apr-17 07:05:10

Both my children stopped feeding at around this age. I persisted with offering for a week or so, but they got very distressed with me trying to feed them so I stopped offering. They didn't try to feed again after that, so I took it as a sign that they were done. I would have continued to feed if they had wanted it, but I wasn't going to force it if they weren't interested! Both my children really took to food and were on 3 full meals fairly quickly, so perhaps that was one of the reasons they gave up. I made an effort to include more dairy in their meals and offered formula (with dd1) and cow's milk (with dd2) as a drink.

Andromache77 Wed 12-Apr-17 07:08:58

He'll be fine at 11 mo but I do understand your feelings, it's such a lovely thing to hold them and see that milk-drunk smile. Mine is quite the opposite, no bites, still wants a boob at over 2 yo but then that's her. Every baby and child is different.

WindyScales Wed 12-Apr-17 07:15:09

My DD did this when she was teething around 15 months. She stopped feeding for about 5 days. In the end I stopped offering (as she'd get upset) and when she'd stopped teething we were playing one morning and she forgot about the strike and just started feeding again. Previously to this I'd had minor success walking around/distracting her, she'd have a few suckles but would come off.
Personally I dont believe a nursing strike is when a child is ready to ween. We continued to bf until age 2.

Cubik Wed 12-Apr-17 23:51:58

So this afternoon I sat around topless whilst DC played with some toys. Possibly one of the more bizzare moments of parenthood so far. He glanced at, then ignored my boobs. On the plus side he didn't have a meltdown at the site of them.

Sadly, I think this is it.

Thanks for your advice.

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