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Mastitis woes :(

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OhWhatAPalaver Sun 02-Apr-17 12:38:06

Dd is 9 months and last night I came down with a rather feverish bout of mastitis. I really don't have the strength to face the out of hours doc. I've had it 3 times previously (not had it for ages though) and the last couple of times didn't need antibiotics. I took them the first time I had it because it was so bad but the flucloxicillin made me feel like crap. Is it possible to make it go away without meds when it knocks you flat? The second and third time I had it it wasn't as bad as this. I am torn because we go away on Thursday and I want to be better by then but also don't want to be on antibiotics all through the holiday sad

OhWhatAPalaver Sun 02-Apr-17 12:48:25

Forgot to say I've been doing al the usual home remedies, hot bath/shower, express, feed etc.

alltalknobaby Tue 04-Apr-17 10:12:46

Doctors, midwives and health visitors take mastitis very seriously. It can easily escalate. If it is a bad case, you should see your GP. Get well soon!

SockQueen Tue 04-Apr-17 10:33:23

I've just recovered from a bout which needed antibiotics. I could barely get out of bed for the first two days until they kicked in. A friend of mine ended up in hospital on IV antibiotics and with an abscess, so don't mess about - if you're feeling unwell, see a doctor ASAP!

OhWhatAPalaver Tue 04-Apr-17 10:55:33

I've been to see my gp who had prescribed flucloxacillin but she has taken a sample of milk from me to send off to the lab and said I can see how it goes and wait for results before I start taking them. I have seen some improvement, don't feel particularly achy any more just tired and the redness is fading slightly. I still had a low grade fever yesterday and sweated a lot in the night though. Boob is a bit less sore too. I'm torn as to whether to take them yet or not as I really don't want it to get worse but I've had a lot of antibiotics over the past year and have already experienced an antibiotic resistant uti, plus they make me feel awful, so I'm loath to take them. Probably won't get sample results till Thurs or Friday though.

OhWhatAPalaver Tue 04-Apr-17 10:57:07

How would I know if I was getting an abcess by the way? Would it be really sore?

SockQueen Tue 04-Apr-17 16:37:38

Yeah, really sore, more red and swollen, and you'd feel more unwell.

OhWhatAPalaver Wed 05-Apr-17 19:53:28

Thanks, I thought that was probably the case. It's definitely not getting worse at the moment, apart from feeling tired and bruised I think it's almost buggered off! Fingers crossed.

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