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12 week old with chronic wind and not sleeping

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jufinio17 Fri 24-Mar-17 09:46:57

My LO is 12 weeks old and sleep and wind just seem to be getting worse. Would really appreciate any input, advice or personal experience! My first little boy was windy too and we never solved the problem.

For background, he is ebf, is sick quite often but seems to be feeding well and growing well. Nights are currently very broken. He'll sleep an 1hr and a half from 9pm, then maybe a further hour and then cat naps the rest of the night. He cries and draws his legs up, as if constantly straining to pass wind, only being soothed by more feeding. Sometimes it sounds like lots of air is going in when he's feeding but the latch looks good.

A few weeks ago he was doing a 4 hour stretch so I have no clue what has happened. Any help appreciated...thanks in advance!

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koalab Fri 24-Mar-17 10:09:23

Hi, we have a similar issue which got worse at 11-12wks and again at 15wks. I think my milk supply is quite high which means my dd gulps it and takes in air, even though her latch looks good. We burp her a lot but never seem to get it all out, and generally get covered in sick when the wind does come up. I feel like I'm in a cycle of her comfort feeding to help her pass wind, which is keeping my milk supply up leading to more wind etc. To some extent infacol has helped as it makes bigger burps, but also makes bigger air pockets at the other end which make her uncomfortable. She's almost 16 weeks now and I think it's starting to get better.

Any sign of discomfort and we do bicycle legs. She also sleeps much better on my bed rather than her cot for some reason. I keep being told it will resolve completely when they can move around a bit more so fingers crossed! She often seems fine during the day and I feel like people don't believe me that she's writhing around all night!

Oly5 Fri 24-Mar-17 10:12:28

I've been there and by six months all this will be gone! I know that's hard to hear but it will fly by. I co-slept (safely) for this reason as baby just slept better that way. Otherwise I'd have been surviving on 30 mins here and there! All you can do is wind as best you can... But if they are windy and refluxy I find the only thing that really helps is the passage of time

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties Fri 24-Mar-17 10:20:13

Bicycle legs as mentioned may help. I used to do the tiger in the tree position to ease wind. Baby lying along the length of your forearm arm face down, their chin resting in the crook of your arm.
It sounds a bit daft, but check the waist band of his nappy isn't strapped too tightly. That can cause wind as can any tight waistband.
I hope this phase passes soon for you!

jufinio17 Fri 24-Mar-17 11:38:41

Thank you all for taking time to reply :-)

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jufinio17 Fri 24-Mar-17 11:42:34

Koalab, good to hear from someone who's been through it, though sorry you had to! I know what you mean about people not quite believe you have an unsettled baby at night. Only those who've been there know what it's like I guess.
I was wondering if the 12 week growth spurt was partly to blame for the flare up. Will be watching out for the 4 month spurt too. I might kick DH out and try co-sleeping, anything that might help.
Thanks again x

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jufinio17 Fri 24-Mar-17 11:44:36

Thanks Oly, I thought time might be the eventual answer to the problem. My DS1 was 5-6 months when wind stopped bothering him so much. Seems a long way away but I'm sure you're right that it will fly! x

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jufinio17 Fri 24-Mar-17 11:46:19

Thanks ILostit! I think he may need to go up a nappy size so tight waistband could be adding to wind issue. Will try the tiger hold too, though he is a chunk so might be tricky! ;-)

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jufinio17 Fri 24-Mar-17 11:47:30

Anyone changed diet because of this out of interest? I've cut chocolate which seems to help reflux but not sure about wind...

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Sample1936 Fri 24-Mar-17 11:49:56

Maybe you're eating something that irritate his body.
Soy, dairy, cabbge, beans.....

koalab Fri 24-Mar-17 13:00:08

Yep, my DP has moved to the spare room. I did think there might be a link to cheese after a tough night following a pizza, but I'm not sure cutting it out helped much.

user1481795553 Fri 24-Mar-17 13:07:51

Koalab - my ds was put on infant Gaviscon to keep his milk down when he had chronic wind, that teamed with infacol and exercises helped to shift the wind and settled him wonderfully

koalab Fri 24-Mar-17 13:51:30

Thanks user. Will ask about that at the Dr next week.

doublerainbow31 Sun 16-Apr-17 02:38:38

we gave our baby colief and immediately baby is taking a full bottle and sleeping in the day and night. baby is 5 months old. It's a miracle in a box.

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