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Advice needed: Low milk supply

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GeorgyR Tue 06-Mar-07 10:01:17

Hi -my baby is 13wks, I have been bf but she started to feed every 1.5hrs as she was so hungry and she was never happy. I have now started to 'top her up' with formula after every feed and she seems so much happier but I feel so dreadful about it as I desperately want to carry on BF and give her the best start I can. I have tried everything to boost my milk supply - expressing every hour, Fenugreek etc but nothing seems to work. When I express I can only get about 2oz and she needs about 5oz so I know I don't have enough for her. Also I started my period at around the time my milk supply dropped is this linked ?

BizzyDint Tue 06-Mar-07 10:04:22

your baby is better at getting your milk than a pump is. you can't go by the amount you express as beig equal to the amount your baby gets.

the best way to up your supply is to feed more often. it works on a supply demand basis. feed more to make more.

your body doesn't know your baby has had any formula, it thinks all she is getting is your milk. so your body doesn't know how hungry your baby is.

how often are you feeding? are you following a routine of scheduled feeds or are you feeding on cue?

GeorgyR Tue 06-Mar-07 10:06:53

I was feeding on demand every 1.5hrs - but now I have started to top her up with formula she will go for 3 hours. Is it possible to go back to totally Bf or will my supply now have dropped too much?

BizzyDint Tue 06-Mar-07 10:11:30

how much formula is she having now? if it's a huge amount it might be a bit much to switch back to just bf, your supply will take a a while to build back up. but you should be able to do it eventually. if it's just a bit of formula here and there then i would go with just bf...a lot.

have you looked at it's a fab webiste for breastfeeding mums. i don't know where i'd have been without it!

there might be some info on there about your period coming back. every woman is different, some get periods back while still bfing, some not for a few months after they stop. they can come back if you are no longer feeding in the night, or if you have longer gaps between feeds.

Honeymum Tue 06-Mar-07 10:25:06

Georgy - good work for persevering. Getting BF established can be tricky but will be so worth it longer term.

Bizzydint is probably right that it will take a while to build up your milk supply. If you are set on breastfeeding exclusively then I'd advise getting some professional help from one of the breastfeeding support helplines (I'm training with ABM to be a counsellor but there's also NCT and La Leche). See this link for the phone numbers. There is lots of things you can do to boost your supply and make sure she's getting enough at each feed. Bizzydint is also right re demand and supply. My advice would be to call one of the helplines and be prepared to (literally) go to bed with your little one and let her have open access to your milk. It will soon sort itself out. Good luck - it will be worth the effort.

PS Your period has come back because you are feeding less. It won't mean you can't get back to exclusive BF'ing though.

GeorgyR Tue 06-Mar-07 10:29:36

Thanks - have had a look at the site - its great! - am going to try expressing more until my supply builds up again and reduce formula.

Honeymum Tue 06-Mar-07 10:37:17

Remember though that the best machine for milking a breast is a baby - letting her suck as often as she wants for as long as she wants will build up the supply best. Do call one of the helplines, though, as a counsellor will be able to give you a plan of action to follow. Honeymum xx

Singapore Tue 06-Mar-07 10:40:08

You could try expressing whilst she is feeding - a bit of a juggling act but it does tend to increase the volume expressed.

GeorgyR Tue 06-Mar-07 12:16:22

If I take her to bed with me to feed - won't i run the risk of 'rolling' onto her in my sleep as she will have to be very close to have access to my breast ?

shonaspurtle Tue 06-Mar-07 12:53:21

Georgy, I was a bit dubious about co-sleeping for the same reason as you. Observational studies have shown though that bf'ding women instinctively sleep in a position that protects their baby (facing them and sort of curled round).

I can't say I got a great night's sleep when I did it but it's not necessarily long term if it's just to build up your milk supply.

shonaspurtle Tue 06-Mar-07 12:55:01

Here's some information from UNICEF about sharing a bed with your baby safely.

Honeymum Wed 07-Mar-07 19:21:32

Hello again
When I say go to bed what I mean is try to do nothing else but feed. Others are better able to advise you on co-sleeping, but certainly keep the baby close to you at night (ie in same room) and feed her lots whenever she wants it.

alvinareagan Sun 14-Feb-16 22:39:20

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

ICJump Mon 15-Feb-16 06:30:49

If might be useful to do top ups with your expressed milk. Also rather than top up straight after a feed you could try breast rest breast rest Breast rest top up. That way you giving your body the demand signals to make milk.

ICJump Mon 15-Feb-16 06:36:41

Just realised this is a zombie thread I assume they don't need feeding help 9 years later!

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