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Recommendations for lightweight sling/carrier you can BF in?

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Jooni Sun 12-Mar-17 22:19:32

Expecting DC2 in a few months. DC1 will be a rambunctious 20-month-old when baby arrives and I doubt she'll let me sit still for long to feed.

I'd really appreciate recommendations for a light, easy-to-use baby sling/carrier which I would be able to BF in hands-free(r). Apparently it is possible to do this though I never managed it with our bulky Ergo 360, which is great for long walks but not something I want to be wearing around the house.

Any suggestions please?

Rockingaround Sun 12-Mar-17 22:51:25

Kari-me are the absolute winner for me x congrats re your new bundle! flowers

Jooni Mon 13-Mar-17 03:01:03

Thank you smile What do you like especially about the Kari-me?

fizzicles Mon 13-Mar-17 03:05:51

I have a stretchy (JPMBB) and a connecta, and have found the connecta easier for feeding baby (2 weeks old), plus much quicker to put on/take off than stretchy sling

Onedaylikethi5ayear Mon 13-Mar-17 03:10:11

Most structured buckled carriers like connecta etc are only ok from 4 months. Stretchy is best for those early days, I would recommend a caboo for easy ups. Why not visit your local sling library, they will advise and can also show how best to feed whilst carrying.

Jooni Mon 13-Mar-17 08:13:57

Thank you both. One that is a good suggestion, how possible is it to try out various carriers while heavily pregnant? I'm huge this time round! Or do they just talk you through it?

SerialReJoiner Mon 13-Mar-17 08:23:28

I like using a ring sling for those early days, and have even managed to get baby latched on and feeding during the walk to school.

Jooni Mon 13-Mar-17 13:59:39

Brilliant this is exactly what I was after. Thanks Serial, is it quite easy to feed in one then?

SerialReJoiner Mon 13-Mar-17 14:50:05

You kind of loosen it up, position baby, and then tighten the sling around you again. I like to keep one arm around baby to keep everything as stable as possible, but with practice it is totally doable.

Nottalotta Tue 14-Mar-17 23:00:10

Following as have large 4wk old and almost 20 month ds.

I have the Karl me, it's just a stretchy wrap, I can't get on with it.

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