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Growth spurt?

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OurVelocity Thu 09-Mar-17 09:10:11


My 12 day old DS has not been settling since he was 9 days old - his three hour naps are now out the window and he's constantly feeding (we're breastfeeding but with a shield due to flat nipples).

Is it usual for a growth spurt to last 4 days?

He sort of sleeps after an evening cluster feed which lasts until 2am but I'm so worried he's not getting enough milk (although the shield is full of milk after he un-latches)

I'm getting really upset and out of ideas sad I'm trying to keep calm but it's worrying me he's not getting enough sleep or food? Sorry if this has been posted to the wrong place. Many thanks.

tiktok Thu 09-Mar-17 12:54:26

It's always hard to be sure of things in the very first weeks, Veolocity - everything you say could well be absolutely normal, but the only way to be sure is to set it in the bigger picture.

Is your baby gaining weight and at or near birthweight now? If so, that's a great sign that he is BF effectively. He prob has several large soft yellow poos a day - yes? Again, a good sign. Is he contented at least some of the time and shows by his behaviour he has fed well (sleepy, milk-drunk face) even if he fusses shortly after for more?

Can you ask a midwife or Hv if he's doing ok? The use of a nipple shield is something that should be monitored to help you eventually feed without. Babies sometimes do need more feeding with the shield and it can sometimes affect milk transfer, so it's sensible to keep an eye on things.

Hope this helps and you can get reassurance soon.

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