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Becoming a breastfeeding counsellor / consultant / antenatal teacher with NCT - advice / experience

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strawberry12 Tue 07-Mar-17 12:57:54

I am interested in becoming a breastfeeding counsellor, by training with the NCT on their university accredited course (i am a full time mum to a 20 month old, so would opt for part time study).
I am also interested in becoming an antenatal teacher with the NCT, though breastfeeding is my main interest.
I wondered if anyone had any recent experience of studying with the NCT - whether as a breastfeeding counsellor or antenatal teacher...
I'm particularly interested in hearing about people's study experiences - were their hour commitment predictions accurate (e.g. 15 hours per week for part-time study) & have you found it straightforward to find paid employment with the NCT after studying.
Any experiences / reflections would be very much appreciated!
Thank you!

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