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Lack of support for bottlefeeding / those who struggle to breastfeed

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galwaydrive Mon 06-Mar-17 17:26:54

I have read some heartbreaking things on here about the overwhelming pressure to breastfeed and stories about mums who struggle so much with breastfeeding and are in so much pain that they genuinely dread feeding their baby. Thankfully breastfeeding just sort of happened for me, but one of my friends stopped breastfeeding when her nipple practically fell off, and bottle-feeding was absolutely the right choice for her. I know a lot of mums feel heartbroken and as though they have failed when they make the decision to bottle feed, even though this is often the best decision for their family and it makes for a far happier mum/baby.

There are many breastfeeding support groups but my question is what do you think can be done for bottlefeeding mums?

Maybe a support group, not necessarily support in the form of how to make up a bottle etc but perhaps emotional support? Where mums can share experiences, comfort each other and not feel completely alienated amongst a crowd of happy breastfeeding mums? Local meet-ups? A regular magazine with stories/experiences? An app for discussions and arranging meet-ups?

This is neither a pro breastfeeding or pro bottle feeding post, simply pro making the right choice for your family and not feeling alienated, ashamed or guilty for it.

tiktok Tue 07-Mar-17 13:23:12

Have you seen the blog and Facebook page Fearless Formula Feeder? It's USA based but reaches everywhere cos of the internet 😀 . Something like that might help your friend.

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