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Book for toddler about stopping BF

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Bearlet Sat 04-Mar-17 21:10:25

I wasn't sure whether to put this here or in "Children's books", but here goes...

I think DD (nearly two) and I are nearly ready to stop breastfeeding. I feed her twice a day (first thing in the morning and last thing before bedtime). We night weaned her about two months ago and found it helpful to read a book with her to help her understand and process what was happening. We mostly used Sally Weans from Night Nursing, but also read Nursies When the Sun Shines a few times. DD preferred the former, despite the somewhat rough-and-ready illustrations.

I am now looking for a similar book about stopping breastfeeding altogether and am not finding much online. I've read about Maggie's Weaning, but it doesn't look like the sort of thing DD would enjoy. (It seems to be illustrated with black-and-white photos, whereas DD likes bright illustrations - the more garish, the better.) The reviews of Ready to Wean: The Return of the Dangling Red Earrings suggest that neither the writing nor the illustrations are particularly good. All the other ones I've seen seem to focus on celebrating breastfeeding, not stopping...

Are there any good toddler books out there on the subject? Has anyone used either of the two mentioned above and found it helpful?

teaandbiscuitsforme Sun 05-Mar-17 07:58:12

I'm in a similar position but hadn't thought about using a book! I'm now BF 8 week old DS and not sure DD is going to be keen to give up when it's going on around her all the time.

Believeitornot Sun 05-Mar-17 08:01:54

Honestly I wouldn't bother with a book for a toddler. It is more for you than the toddler! They will take it in their stride.
For both of mine I stopped feeding at around 2/3 years old. It just gradually tailed off and that was that. I felt sad but that soon passed. There was no need to explain anything to the dcs.

Crumbs1 Sun 05-Mar-17 08:05:34

A book? I wouldn't worry about it either - it's over thinking and over preparing. Just tell her she's a big girl now and it's time to stop. Then stop. It's not difficult and not a traumatic event, it's part of growing up.

NerrSnerr Sun 05-Mar-17 08:12:12

I stopped breastfeeding just after my daughter turned 2. We told her it was all gone which seemed to work. She was upset for the first one or two feeds and then just accepted it.

Bearlet Sun 05-Mar-17 11:10:47

Yes, I know it's not necessary, and I'm sure she'll get used to it with or without a book. As I said, though, we found a book helpful with the night weaning - when we told he there would be no booby until the morning, she said "Like Sally". Same when we praised her for going all night long without booby - she said "Big girl, like Sally". So it clearly helped her understand what was going on. That can't be a bad thing. And we read lots of books with her anyway, so why not include one about a situation she'll be able to relate to?

I've now found another one: Mama's Milk Is All Gone. That looks more like what I'm after, so I might go ahead and order it.

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