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Nervous about breastfeeding

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BottomlyP0tts Mon 27-Feb-17 07:47:06

DS1 bf until 4 months then on Medication that prevented this, used donor milk until 6 months then formula. Oversupply issues, but a relatively settled baby once he went onto a bottle.

DS2 bf until 2 refused bottle, extreme oversupply issues. He was a terribly unsettled baby, everyone said to try feeding lying down every feed he would get showered with milk. Refused to feed from the right breast from 10 weeks. Constant mastitis and encouragement issues, always wanting to feed them just screaming after. No reflux. For 3 months he would only feed in a darkened room.

I was an emotional wreck, all I wanted was to give him a bottle and sleep or just to feed him without the screaming milk spraying refusal of breast etc.

What on earth can I do to prevent oversupply this time around? I fed on demand. I have just read a book on biological feeding (it's new) and it looks promising but promotes feeding every 3 hours? Which goes against all I have been taught by LLL.....

teaandbiscuitsforme Mon 27-Feb-17 09:51:07

Did you block feed previously? I had oversupply with DD so ended up block feeding in the early months which seemed to help.

DS is now 7 weeks and I've been block feeding from day 5 as soon as some of the signs of oversupply started to show and, so far, he's been much easier.

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