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Best time to express?

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Nottalotta Tue 21-Feb-17 03:22:23

I failed to express with ds1, never getting very much and him refusing a bottle. I feel my supply is much better withbds2, and am keen to get started. It's a struggle to be ebf when I have ds1 @ 18 months.

So just wondering, what time of day is best to express?

MTMFH Tue 21-Feb-17 03:25:34

I find morning easier as I am usually more full so it flows more freely.

Whatsername17 Tue 21-Feb-17 08:44:04

I'm getting between 3-4oz in the morning. It's easier when dd is feeding from the other boob! I sterilise everything in the evening then put the pump together and leave it in the steriliser. I set up the base part so that in the morning I can feed dd from one side, then get something to eat a d drink and start pumping. Dd usually wakes and goes back on the same boob again whilst I continue to express. Dh gives her the bottle in the evening.

Nottalotta Sat 25-Feb-17 14:16:44

I managed 3Oz yesterday in two sittings. Today, nothing so far. I just want enough for one bottle per day, any advice on how to successfully express?

I fed him last night before bedtime, then half hour later he had the 3Oz and grizzled for more until I came back down and fed again. An hour between bf with 3Oz from a bottle in between.

Whatsername17 Sat 25-Feb-17 18:22:50

How old is he? If less than 6 weeks then he's most likely cluster feeding. My dd does this in the evening. She's been feeding for the last hour and has pulled off and appeared sleepy 3 times so far. Two minutes later her eyes pop open and she gets grizzly for more. This will go on until about 8.30 - 9pm. She is likely to get increasingly grizzly until she ends up being rocked to sleep. She will wake between 10.30 and 11, have the bottle and still most likely want a quick top up from me before sleeping for, hopefully, 3 hours.

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