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Two week old vomiting.

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BabCNesbitt Sat 18-Feb-17 09:49:27

DD is 2.5 weeks old , EBF, and twice in the last few hours has vomited pretty much all the milk she's just had. It's definitely not just spitting up - both times it came out forcefully and soaked her clothes, my pyjamas, the sheet...

We've all had colds this week and she's had a slight cough - could this be causing it? And do I need to contact OOH GP/midwife about it? Of course I've been googling and am now panicking that she has pyloric stenosis or something along those lines!

BabCNesbitt Sat 18-Feb-17 09:52:02

(Just to add - it happens fairly quickly after she's eaten, but does smell "vomitty" rather than just milk.)

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Sat 18-Feb-17 10:02:12

Is she bringing up wind well after feeds? Also does she seem uncomfortable after her feeds? You can try sitting her up slightly in your arms for 5-10 minutes after a feed to see if that help. It's probably not the whole feed coming back though, it always seems like there's more liquid than there is.

It might not happen again. After 2 dc with reflux I really panicked when this happened with dc4 for a couple of days but it never came to anything & very rarley happened again.

BabCNesbitt Sat 18-Feb-17 10:19:37

She usually burps pretty well after feeds (proper old man ones grin). Yeah, it's probably too soon to panic, but when Dr Google says that urgent surgery could be required for something, then I'm suddenly totally irrational.

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