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medicines and bf

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olivo Wed 28-Feb-07 17:37:25

does anyone know of a website or anything where you can find out if things are safe to take? presumably, anything which is suitable for pregnancy is ok for bf.

determination Wed 28-Feb-07 17:46:58

BFN Drugline factsheet

tiktok Wed 28-Feb-07 18:27:51

Olivo, it's not true that anything safe for pg is automatically safe for bf...but most things are ok, even so.

A good site to check is link{ his \this nhs one}

tiktok Wed 28-Feb-07 18:29:00

Rats, I mean this one here

olivo Wed 28-Feb-07 18:39:12

thank you so much - and thanks for setting me straight on the pg thing! will keep on favourites so i dont have to bother people every time i take something!

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