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Breastfeeding & returning to work

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Bex107 Tue 14-Feb-17 19:26:21

I've posted on here previously about this, however I didn't factor in the settling in period for DS at nursery confused

So, DS will be around 10 months when he starts at nursery for 1-2 days a week initially. He is weaning but still breastfeeding - usually feeds around 7.30am/11am/3pm/6.30pm and a couple of times in the night. He'll be at nursery from 8.30am-5pm, so I'm not sure what to do - assuming he'll still be breastfeeding at least once during those hours, should I be expressing and leaving him with a couple of feeds (in a bottle or sippy cup)? If so, has anyone got any tips for successfully expressing while at work?!

Or should I be expecting him to be ok without breast milk while at nursery? To complicate matters he is dairy free so can't supplement with cows milk instead.

Biscuitrules Tue 14-Feb-17 23:11:39

Basically don't worry, it will be fine. My DS1 went to nursery at 10 months, EBF, didn't wean onto solids well so still mainly reliant on breastmilk. I just bfed him before and after (plus during night!) and he coped during the day with water and formula. I suspect for the first few days he went thirsty during the day but he quickly worked it out. I would be guided by your nursery as how they prefer to deal with these situations as they will have seen it many times before.

I never bothered expressing at work because (1) I didn't like the faff and (2) DS wouldn't drink the stuff. My supply coped just fine and I fed him on demand when I was home. I continued BF him till he was nearly 2 and DS2 till nearly 3, after a while settling down to just morning/evenings so there is no reason you can't combine BF with working.

TriJo Thu 16-Feb-17 14:03:37

My almost-11 month old has been in nursery for 3 months, he's fine in nursery on mostly solids and water and a small amount of expressed milk. He feeds more in the evening when we're back together too.

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