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whoneedswings Tue 14-Feb-17 06:36:29

Sitting here in tears because I've been bitten so hard at both the 1.30 feed and this morning, he bites then clamps on and I can't get him off. It's so painful but it also hurts because we used to have such a good feeding relationship and I feel it's coming to an end. He's 6 months, I wanted to feed even just once a day until he was a year old. I've just started him on 2 solid meals a day but he still needs milk. Is there anything I can do?

westeringhome Tue 14-Feb-17 07:12:21

Oh you poor thing, it is so sore and upsetting. For me it usually happened towards the end of a feed once they started puddling about. The only thing I did was say "Ouch!" before they got a chance to fully bite down, and this was usually enough to startle them a bit and not do it. I don't know if that's advisable but it worked for me, hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me will be along in a minute. flowers to you

HumpHumpWhale Tue 14-Feb-17 07:17:42

Try pushing his face into your boob just as he starts to bite down (ideally before it hurts). This usually makes them let go and the biting phase will end. You can also end the feed and put him down when he bites you - even if you pick him back up two minutes later, this will eventually teach him that things he doesn't like will happen if he bites.

ImYourMama Tue 14-Feb-17 07:18:45

I say a very stern no, make direct eye contact and put a finger in mouth to break the latch. Has worked so far!

whoneedswings Tue 14-Feb-17 07:42:56

I push him into my boob but he still holds on, it's only a few seconds but it's still quite frightening. I've tried saying no, I was told not to cry out in pain cos that can make it into a game but it's hard not to! I'm also giving him lots of encouragement when he does feed without biting but nothing's working. Thanks for your help ladies, and thanks westeringhome for the flowers, feeling a bit low this morning

AssassinatedBeauty Tue 14-Feb-17 14:11:36

Can you break his latch with your finger? My 7 month old bites every now and then at the end of a feed, and if he does I cry out in pain (usually cos it bloody hurts!) and put him down immediately saying No sternly. Usually that's the end of the feed as well.

I watch him like a hawk at the end of a feed to spot when he starts to move his tongue and try and play around. You can usually preempt a bite. I found with my eldest child that it was related to teething/getting new teeth and once he'd got used to his teeth it tended to stop.

whoneedswings Tue 14-Feb-17 14:52:43

Oh that's interesting, I think he's got a tooth breaking through now and he's been doing it since the weekend so that might explain it. I'm trying to break the latch towards the end when he starts to fidget though he did get cross with me earlier as I bought him off too soon and he wanted more! Feel less tearful now got to put my armour on and get on with it!

TeaTeaTea Wed 15-Feb-17 20:51:34

I was just about to say what AssassinatedBeauty said - teething immediately comes to mind. My DS would do it when teething, the nipple is perfect item to gum on really! So there's the one comfort that when the tooth pops through or even when the gums don't feel as sore that your DS will stop the biting.
I used to yelp out with the pain (indeed - how can you not?!) and yes it did turn it into a game, my little imp would laugh and do it purposefully again, scary! So I'd stop the feed right there. Obvious not hungry if he wants to play instead.

Can you try rubbing some teething gel on his gums before a feed?

FlashCrash Thu 16-Feb-17 21:07:11

My 6mo was very bitey last month (but got first 2 teeth at 3mo - arrghh!)
For us it was positioning and latch that needed tweaking, sorted that and he's stopped biting.

littledinaco Fri 17-Feb-17 15:42:09

One of mine bit every time they were getting a new tooth, it went on for a week maybe then stopped until the next tooth!
Agree with beauty, you can normally preempt the bite and you get better at learning to spot it.

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