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Questions about colief and breastfeeding

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hollymonster Mon 13-Feb-17 10:31:22

Hi all

Hoping you can help.

We had a very sleepless night the other night with my poor little 2.5 week old screaming in agony almost constantly. It was very hard to watch sad

My midwife told me to try colief and I haven't looked back! Since the first dose some almighty burps (and other end!) came out and she has been so relieved, even going in her bed comfortably at night.

My question is - why is it soooo difficult?! Keeping it in the fridge, having to sterilise a spoon and mixing with expressed milk has my little one very frustrated as I'm bf'ing on demand so I have to make her wait. Not the end of the world but sometimes she wants to eat every half an hour or more, do I give it with every feed?

And as for nighttime we are co sleeping and I have to go downstairs to prep it all again which makes her agitated and fully awake.

Any general advice? Or anything people have used that's easier? Or have a cheats way of doing it?!

Nurse15 Mon 13-Feb-17 10:43:09

Could you get some sterile syringes from the pharmacy? Would save you sterilising spoons etc at night time smile

Trulyamnearanear Mon 13-Feb-17 20:00:06

No experience but Ebm can be kept at room temp for up to 6 hours - could that be helpful in some way? Premix and load your sterilised syringes for at least the first part of the night??

Whatsername17 Mon 13-Feb-17 20:08:21

If I were you I'd express in advance then mix with the colief and store in bottles at the back of the fridge. That way, when baby wants feeding you are ready. Colief saved our sanity when dd1 was a baby. She was formula fed as bf went wrong and I always made the bottle up in advance and stored them in the fridge.

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