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Right nipple in agony!

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Whatsername17 Tue 14-Feb-17 07:05:20

Mine is more painful than my left too. Although it doesn't hurt as such. I think its something to do with the latch or position. I'm right handed so find it easier to get her on my left because I use my right hand to guide and latch her. I wonder if that is the cause?

Turkeyneck Sat 11-Feb-17 20:41:36

I had the same. I just kept using the nipple Shields - right up until 16 weeks! They are the best invention. I wouldn't have been able to bf without them. Sometimes I'd go without them a few times a day which seemed to be OK as long as I used them the other times. It happens on the right side because it's slightly more awkward to hold the baby on that side so the latch is harder to get just right. It will get better as baby gets older and mouth changes shape and gets bigger. Is there any reason you dont want to keep using the shields? Good luck.

AnnetteKertan Sat 11-Feb-17 20:18:16

What's actually wrong with it? Bleeding? Sore? Blister?

My right breast was also the difficult one, even now 6 months post breastfeeding this nipple is very very sensitive.

You might need to put Lanisoh on more often and use more of it

shirleythesheep Sat 11-Feb-17 20:13:54

I've recently stopped using nipple shields to breastfeed DD, and where my left is completely fine, my right is in agony every time I feed.

I have tried using Lansino cream but it doesn't seem to have much effect.

In the past I have also suffered with mastitis in this breast, however this was about 9 weeks ago and cleared up with antibiotics.

Does anyone have any advice in relieving nipple pain, or why it is only happening on my right nipple? halo

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