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Rejecting bottle

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Moby Tue 27-Feb-07 23:11:35

My 19 week old breast fed ds had been happily taking the bottle about once a week since he was 7 weeks old (for occasional days/evenings out for mum) usually expressed breast milk, occasionally formula (but has been sick after formula recently, so stopped using that). However, over the past 4 weeks he's increasingly rejected bottle feeds and now completely refuses them. He is currently teething, but we've tried giving him calgel to soothe his gums before bottle feed as well as switching to using a 'breast bottle' which is much softer silcone, but still no luck. We've also tried changing the flow rate of the teat as well as feeding with the bottle at different times and from different people (never his mum), but nothing works. Any suggestions of why he might be rejecting the bottle when he had been so happy to take it before and anything we can do to get him back on the bottle again?

weezy292004 Wed 28-Feb-07 04:37:24

hi moby can't really offer much advice but thought i'd offer some support as i know how frustrating/upsetting it can be getting lo onto a bottle.i look after a 10 wk old and have had this battle for the past 3 weeks,she would take the bottle every day for a week then scream her head off at the site of it the next finally we switched to mam ultivent bottles and teats (imo are the closest to breast)and she was fine,even took a bottle from mum. maybe you might want to try offering bottle when he's not humgry so he can just have a feel of teat chewing or mouthing it so he gets used to the feel without getting upset , perhaps getting only one other person to offer the bottle just till he gets used to it.anyway good luck with it i hope you have some success soon.

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