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Rubbish at breast and bottle feeding, 6 months

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3andamdone Mon 06-Feb-17 14:45:33

My third dd is 6 months and has never been a particularly good feeder. She's breast fed, but now gets a bottle at tea time too. At 6 weeks ish she started chewing fussing and wriggling getting red in the face pulling off boob etc when I tried to feed her. She had a tongue tie snipped at 8 weeks, i then saw a lactation consultant who thought her tongue was still a bit restricted and her weight gain was slow so I should work on supply. We did fenugreek switch nursing and breast compression and eventually domperidone.
Her weight gain is ok but she still doesn't breastfeed well, she refuses a lot when I offer or else she is in and off either through distraction or because she's annoyed.
At 17 weeks she crossed 2 centiles so we started solids and put formula in her food, this did seem to help her feeding at first but now she's back to the refusing and fussing and sometimes it feels like she barely drinks at all
She refused bottle at first, now she'll take a bit but not great 1-2 oz in one go, then have to leave her alone awhile and if I'm lucky she'll take another 1-2 oz - usually I have to feed her somewhere different ( different chair/ even in her bath!!) she can be quite messy with the bottle, I've tried different ones and cups too but no miracles!!
I'm tired and naffed off with all the BF issues, it takes the loveliness out of it and feeding her away from home is really really hard. If I knew for sure she would be better on bottles I'd stop BF but don't want to stop and be no better off. I also want to stop domperidone etc as feel I have taken them long enough.
I'm wondering if there is anything else I can try or maybe she just doesn't like milk if any sort???
Has anyone else experience of this kind of feeding???

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