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Biting and scraping teeth on my poor nipples -help!

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Jenkeywoo Mon 26-Feb-07 22:54:51

I do not want to stop BF but want it to hurt less! Heather (11 months) got her second top tooth last week (no problem with one top tooth but two is a problem!). She has started not really biting so much but kind of sucking with teeth - it's excruciating and so I try to unlatch her but she clamps down and I end up having my entire nipple scraped by her teeth as I try to get her off my breast. She is also a long slow feeder and likes to use me as a dummy - at bedtime she would ideally suck for about an hour and a half but I normally unlatch her after about 45 mins and she stays asleep. But at the moment because she's nipple gripping I can't get her off without waking her and it's all taking hours to get her to sleep or nap.

Any ideas? I love breastfeeding and want to keep going but it really hurts.


Jenny x

BandofMothers Mon 26-Feb-07 22:59:30

At 11 months her feeds should be a lot shorter. Don't let her use you as a dummy. When she's eaten, put her in bed awake, and try controlled crying. A couple weeks of trouble for a lifetime (hopefully) of peace.

Jenkeywoo Mon 26-Feb-07 23:08:02

Thanks but controlled crying is not an option - we co-sleep and I don't mind her using me as a dummy as long as she doesn't chew on the mummy-dummy.

BandofMothers Mon 26-Feb-07 23:18:32

Fair play. I did hear once that when they bite you should take them off and ignore them, no talking or even eye contact for 1 minute. Then put them back on.
Don't know how you would do that in the night when she's biting tho.
Sorry can't be more help.
I've tried this with dd2 who just cut her first tooth and is a clamper. Can't say yet as only been a few days.

Jenkeywoo Tue 27-Feb-07 19:20:11

thanks - i have tried saying 'no biting' in my scary voice and it seems to have worked a bit. poor thing is ill today and so hasn't had the strength and resolve to bite me! good luck with your little chomper.

determination Tue 27-Feb-07 19:57:36

Hi Jenny,

My dd used to do this too when she just cut her top teeth. Although, she wasn't actually biting as such - it was just the throughout the entire feed her teeth would rub, rub, rub and i had a wide, deep, open gash on my areola from it. It was excruciating. This was when i was introduced to the Silverettes and within 48 hours they were COMPLETELY HEALED never to get sore again!

I was unsure if her latch had changed since getting her teeth or what the problem was.. but IMO it looked fine. She didn't know she was doing it.. so i couldn't really take her off and say 'no'. I got them healed and they were fine afterwards.

Hope it gets better soon for you.. it isn't fun when its painful.

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