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Anxious about feeding ten month old

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HTKB Wed 01-Feb-17 20:04:51

Exclusively BF my ten month old although he has occasional AF from a bottle if I go out in the evening. I'm worried he's not getting enough. His feeds are so short now.... he'll have one slightly longer one, normally first thing or before his morning nap, but the others are literally a few seconds long. He feeds 5/6 times across a 24 hour period. He only feeds from one side. I know that in the feeds that are a minute long he cannot get more than an ounce, if that.

He's eating brilliantly, more than my five year old. Drinks water from a cup. Maintaining weight on 91st centile. Sleeping through pretty much. Poos a lot, doesn't wee so much. Happy. But I just can't see how he's getting enough milk this way.

When he AFs before bed he generally takes 3oz or so and that does him most of the time til morning. Assuming that's reflective of what he gets on the breast, it doesn't seem enough.

I'd love some reassurance.

HTKB Wed 01-Feb-17 20:09:33

Forgot to say, he's started fussing at breast in the evening, pulling away and crying. Eventually settles to a feed of a few minutes long. Beginning to feel there's not enough to satisfy him. Although he drops off immediately and sleeps til morning, usually.

Lou2711 Wed 01-Feb-17 20:15:07

If he's maintaining weight I don't see why you should be worried. He knows what he needs!! smile

Kronutpearl Wed 01-Feb-17 20:16:04

My 10 mo only has 2 5oz bottles a day now.

They self regulate, don't worry smile

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