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How can I get DS to take more hind milk?

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rabster Sun 25-Feb-07 09:03:05

I don't think DS (5 weeks) is taking enough hind milk at feeds.

He feeds for about 10 minutes on the first breast before he fusses and pulls away. He will then feed for 10 mins off the other breast, but I think there is still milk in both breasts, but he won't take it. I have tried offering the first breast again, but he pulls away and won't feed off it. Also, his poo used to be chicken korma coloured, but is now greenish (which I read indicated he might be taking too much fore milk), AND he is getting hungry earlier between feeds (used to be 3 hours, now nearer to 2)

How can I get him to fully empty the breast when he feeds???

kiskidee Sun 25-Feb-07 09:18:49

feeding times decrease as babies get more efficient as they get older.

your breasts make one kind of milk. briefly bpu: the longer milk sits unremoved, the more they separate into 'fore' and 'hind'. your baby sounds like he is taking just how much he needs and there is no reason to be concerned over how much of what he is taking.

your body and your baby are working in tandem to give just as much fluids and nutrition as he needs.

far too much is fuss has been made over the fore / hind thing by people who don't understand enough about how it works and end up making mums anxious over it.

green poos and a range of other colours and shades come and go.

trust your baby and trust your body.

tiktok Sun 25-Feb-07 09:53:10

kikidee is right....rabster, mothers would be on their sofas forever if babies had to empty breasts every time! It doesn't happen. There is always milk left. Your baby is feeding according to what his body is 'asking' him to could upset hm fighting to get him to stay on longer. Everything sounds normal, including the colour of the poo, and you don't need to be concerned unless he shows signs of being unwell or not growing.

His pattern could change again, by the way, to something else!

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