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Spectra S1 v Medela Maxi Swing

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qate Mon 16-Jan-17 13:28:41

FTM agonising over the choice of breast pumps..! I'm hoping to breast feed, but will likely have to return to work within 3-4 months so want to be able to express from early weeks as well. Borrowing/renting to see how we get on, or adopting a wait-and-see approach, is unfortunately not going to work as we are currently living abroad (where systems/parts are not readily available, so we're heavily reliant on amazon and family mailing things over).

I think I've narrowed the choice down to either the Spectra S1 or the Medela Maxi Swing. My preference of the two would be the Spectra S1, but I'm a bit concerned about the lack of accessories/parts (mainly the lack of different sizes of breast flanges). I know that I could do the hack to use Medela parts on the Spectra but this seems to defeat the point of getting a closed system, and I've heard some negative reviews of people struggling to do it.

Anyone any experience in the above? Do the advantages of the Spectra outweigh the hassle involved with lack of parts etc? Or is the Medela Maxi much better than I have in my head, and worth it given the flexibility of other parts etc? All advice and suggestions gratefully received!!

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 17-Jan-17 18:46:37

Can't really answer your question qate but didn't want yiu to go unanswered.

The only thing I can say, which in no way answers your question, is that I use cam Ameda Lactaline and getting spares for that was very, very easy.

Good luck and I hope this bumps for you thanks

qate Tue 17-Jan-17 19:08:59

Thanks so much (realised after I posted that I should probably have put this in the breast pump sections...oops). Have looked at the Ameda, but wasn't sure about it. Most people I know have medela - but everything says Spectra to me, apart from the convenience of parts! Thanks again...will keep googling smile

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 17-Jan-17 19:14:49

Could they have the Meleda because that is the most having advertised! Just wondering smile

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