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Latch problem

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Bitstrange Sat 14-Jan-17 04:45:18

Hi all, first timer here! I don't have children but my sister just gave birth on Monday and I'm generally trying to be around and helpful. She is currently struggling with painful breastfeeds and we think we've identified the problem, but aren't sure what to do about it. The baby has a bit of an overbite (not sure how relevant that is) and when she's suckling, her bottom lip usually turns inwards, so she's basically touching the boob with her chin rather than the inside of her bottom lip. She seems to manage to form a reasonable seal, so she has been feeding ok, but it just causes my sister pain. Also, her little nose is often squished against the boob, which I don't think is meant to happen. Would anyone have any thoughts on how we could help the bottom lip turn outwards as it should? My theory is that it's to do with the positioning of the baby, but I'm saying that in the basis of no experience whatsoever, and my sister says she has tried lots of different positions. She went to a breastfeeding clinic yesterday but they just told her she's doing fine, but she obviously doesn't feel that things are fine. I'd be grateful for any thoughts on what she could try. Thanks!

Rocket1982 Sat 14-Jan-17 13:58:30

My DD used to do this - you can gently flip the lip outwards using a finger while they're feeding, often without breaking the seal. Having the lips folded inwards can cause pain, so this might be the reason. However, breastfeeding even with a good latch can be painful for the first week or two. Does your sister have lanolin nipple cream? That can help prevent problems like cracked nipples while she is adjusting to breastfeeding.

FreeWeezy Sat 14-Jan-17 16:38:22

If you hold around the nipple (behind the areola) and push down on baby's bottom lip then put the nipple in moving the jaw and lip down it should keep the lip flipped out. I think it's called the 'flipple' technique so you could look at some videos on YouTube. The nose is fine as long as baby can breathe haha. They do get quite squashed against the breast. If she thinks baby is struggling to breathe just gently move your arm so that their head tips back slightly. That should move the nose away from the breast. Good luck to your sister. It's so hard but so worth it smile

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