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5.5 month suddenly not feeding much in day

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LimesMum Fri 13-Jan-17 13:53:59

DD is 5.5 months and exclusively breastfed. She is a bottle refuser - I have tried ebm and formula but no luck (that's another story!)

Recently she is barely feeding in the daytime, seems very fussy and so easily distracted. I have to feed her in the bedroom but even then now she is hardly taking any milk.

I've started first tastes as a result and she seems to enjoy food but I'm worried as to why she's not feeding well in the daytime.

Also, at night she is waking 2 hourly to be fed..... I presume as she isn't taking in enough in the day?

Has anyone experienced similar and if so do you have any advice please?

Thanks in advance

Coconut0il Fri 13-Jan-17 21:40:48

DS2, 17 months went through a phase like this. I think it was when he started to get more interested in everything around him and as you say get distracted easily. He fed much more at night where it was dark and boring! I just kept offering, sometimes he'd take it. Try not to worry, if she doesn't have enough during the day she'll make up for it at night. Not ideal for you but it's just a phase.

IamChipmunk Sun 15-Jan-17 18:45:07

limes have you got my baby?! My Dd is exactly the same. I came to post to ask for advice too!

She is 5.5 months and was a lovely feeder before the 4m sleep regression hit. Now she is the same. Has the bare minimum of milk during the day even in a quiet room sometimes.
as a result she wakes every two hrs in the night,occasionally goin longer if she has a really good long feed.

I was a bit concerned about my milk supply but she is gaining weight and generally happy.

Will wait hopefully for advice!

LimesMum Sun 15-Jan-17 23:52:32

Oh thanks and good to hear it's not just me !!! Driving me crazy!! I've decided to drop the dream feed as she wasn't taking much then awake an hour later. That seems to have helped a bit as now she takes more the next feed of that makes sense??

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