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Does breastfeeding or pregnant affect boobs?

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BlueParrott Fri 13-Jan-17 00:26:06

I have an 18 month old who was ebf for the first six months. After that we tailed it off a bit until we finally stopped at 14 months. He could feed for hours! Now it's the occasional night feed. Since the feeding has stopped more or less I've noticed my boobs are saggy. I'm a 32D so not flat chested but my nipples are lower than before and I have some stretch marks. Is it breastfeeding or just pregnancy that's done this?

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Fri 13-Jan-17 00:32:34

Are you for real?

BlueParrott Fri 13-Jan-17 00:33:23

Yes why wouldn't I be?

SingingSands Fri 13-Jan-17 00:34:45

It's pregnancy that does the damage.

SpeakNoWords Fri 13-Jan-17 00:38:14

Ditto, it's pregnancy. Breastfeeding just postpones the effects.

Philoslothy Fri 13-Jan-17 00:48:40


Rocket1982 Fri 13-Jan-17 11:38:50

I have a natural experiment as BF for 1 year with my first (ebf for 6 months) on one side only. Afterwards, that side was larger (maybe 1 cup size) and about an inch lower than the other. Now doing it again with number 2 and the side feeding is huge again compared to the other side (probably 6 cup sizes different).

BlueParrott Sat 14-Jan-17 12:00:58

Did you really do an experiment rocket? My son is slightly better today so hopefully won't need a feed tonight as when he's unwell he tends to feed at night.

Rocket1982 Sat 14-Jan-17 13:52:56

Hahah! No! I just couldn't breastfeed on one side for medical reasons. I'd had surgery and all the ducts had to be cut so I couldn't get any milk out. Wouldn't have done it if I had a choice - it is hard to get a full supply from one side!

BlueParrott Sun 15-Jan-17 13:32:25

Lo rocket I imagine it is. I spoke too early yesterday my son wasn't well again last night so we had almost an hour on the boob. It's knackered especially when it's been a while.

Bluntness100 Sun 15-Jan-17 13:37:52

I think it's either.... breast feeding and pregnancy sorry, my boobs are relatively unchanged and I didn't breast feed so I think it's to do with weight gain for an extended period and then if your breasts get larger i.e. When milk comes through and then deflate, a bit like uour tummy if you gain and lose weight it sags. Or if you gain weight when pregnant and you're boobs are bigger then you lose it. So it's either.

BlueParrott Sun 15-Jan-17 13:43:40

I'm seriously considering having a boob job. I'm a size 10 with no stretch marks or flab on my stomach but my boobs are destroyed and probably shouldn't look so bad after 1 child

pickledparsnip Sun 15-Jan-17 13:45:15

Both I reckon. I don't see how breastfeeding doesn't have any effect over your breasts. Mine swelled up and deflated so many times over the course of breastfeeding that there is no way it didn't contribute to the changes.

FreeButtonBee Sun 15-Jan-17 13:52:31

Once I stopped feeding they deflated quite a lot and then slowly perked up again. Took about 6-9 months but they are roughly the same if a little bit saggier.

WispyWindy Sun 15-Jan-17 13:58:57

Mine are much sagging/lower and different sizes angry I used to have fabulous boobs and now wish I'd made more fuss of them, lol. Have a boob job if it makes you sad!

SmellySphinx Sun 15-Jan-17 14:18:02

Yeah, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain, weight loss, running, jumping, ageing, genetics, wearing a bra, not wearing a bra - the list goes on! After having two children nearly 12 and 6 and currently having a 3rd I found my once lovely perky (at 15 to 20 odd) 34c boobs did suffer but that's just natural isn't it. What I found was it took a good while to get back to anything like how they were, the "magic" time period after breastfeeding and pregnancy and weight gain and loss (not huge but it all contributes) was around 3 years for my body to get back to around pre pregnancy state. Unfortunately it just takes time I have found. It's inevitible that your body will change and not always for the better, ok it's rarely for the better and it takes a lot of ups and downs to come to terms with during those (my) 3 years post pregnancy. Just to give some perspective - I started off around 7 1/2 stone, went up to around 9, just short of 10 stone during pregnancy with my first. Boobs went from a 34c to around a 36E shock when my milk came in, then they settled to around a D/C again during breastfeeding, then back to 34c. They weren't as perky and full around the top part of my chest and it fluctuated. I lost quite a bit of weight after my first, probably too much but it was just natural, I lost my appetite quite badly. I don't know why but I did regain the weight and went back to 7 1/2 stone again...those 3 years! Pretty similar story with my second I didn't weigh myself much or note it down during my second pregnancy and only did with my first because it was all new so I wrote things down! - All said and done I would just give it time. My boobs were never flapping around in the wind but it was noticible to me and my cock ex who knew I wasn't feeling good about the changes (which I overreacted about probably) and whenever he felt the need to be masty said I was flat chested. > EX < grin

sorry that was VERY long and I can't seem to construct paragraphs on this app! Please SORT it MN haha

SmellySphinx Sun 15-Jan-17 14:19:15

Adding to that LONG post... I breastfed (NOT "breadfed" stupid fingers!!) for about 6 weeks two months ish not terribly long

SmellySphinx Sun 15-Jan-17 14:19:19

Adding to that LONG post... I breastfed (NOT "breadfed" stupid fingers!!) for about 6 weeks two months ish not terribly long

SmellySphinx Sun 15-Jan-17 14:27:19

Just to add again reads a bit odd the 15 to 20 odd bit. I had my first at 21/22. I'm 34 now x

LadyMonicaBaddingham Sun 15-Jan-17 14:29:55

Never noticed any long term ill effects, though my nipples are permanently sticking out (smuggling peanuts, as DH calls it) whereas they used to be flat. 38GG, two DS EBF to 6months, still fed until the age of two both times.

Falcon1 Sun 15-Jan-17 14:35:16

For me it was definitely breastfeeding that did the damage. My boobs didn't change at all whilst pregnant but were massive when feeding. I fed for a year for both DDs. My boobs are just flaps of skin now. Very depressing.

Would still breastfeed again though.

EsmeWeatherwax Sun 15-Jan-17 14:38:33

I breastfed my second for 2.5 years and my third for three years. My boobs went really flat after I'd finished, but have since filled out again and now look much the same as they did before. Apart from, as a previous poster said, bullet nipples. grin

HopelesslydevotedtoGu Sun 15-Jan-17 14:38:42

I've read it is pregnancy not breastfeeding that changes your breasts, but breastfeeding hides the changes somewhat, so when you stop breastfeeding you notice it

Maybe I'll breastfeed until my menopause.... Once my babies are finished I'll just pump for my own breakfast cereal and evening hot chocolate. Supplying your own milk has to be good for calorie reduction too. And before a big party I could power pump to get a lovely big hopefully not leaking cleavage grin

BlueParrott Sun 15-Jan-17 14:41:07

Hahaha hopeless that's funny. It was the leaking that bothered me! Thank god that's stopped

SmellySphinx Sun 15-Jan-17 14:53:21

Haha "masty" *Nasty!

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