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Advice on 'don't offer, don't refuse'?

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corblimeymadam Thu 22-Feb-07 18:36:17

Message withdrawn

Muminfife Thu 22-Feb-07 19:14:40

Message withdrawn

corblimeymadam Thu 22-Feb-07 19:55:35

Message withdrawn

Muminfife Thu 22-Feb-07 19:59:11

Message withdrawn

JendleWendleBells Fri 23-Feb-07 01:27:05

Didn't really work with my son, as I was only nursing morning and evening anyway, and he always asked! He gave it up at 19 months.

yawningmonster Fri 23-Feb-07 07:14:09

Worked really well for us ds was 16 months was having regular morning and evening feeds and between 2 and 3 feeds in the day depending on naps, grizzliness etc. I had fallen into a real pattern of offering at certain key times like this and then at just before months he started to really clearly ask for a feed when he wanted one so decided to wait until he asked, he never asked again!

yellowrose Fri 23-Feb-07 07:41:34

belgian bun - i never used this method deliberately ds just kind of stopped asking for feeds in public ages ago and then dropped feeds gradually - he is now 2.8 yo and we still bf 3 times a day more often when he is sick or unhappy. HE is the one who always initiates everything - bossy cheeky monkey !

i have heard that LLL are particularly good with GENTLE weaning and have books on their website. perhaps get in touch with them and read some of their material ?

good luck

corblimeymadam Fri 23-Feb-07 09:33:34

Message withdrawn

yellowrose Fri 23-Feb-07 14:23:02

belgian bun - congrats. on impending marriage - now we wouldn't want her tugging at your wedding dress, would we ?

I guess I must be lucky, many toddlers do pull up tops, etc. Mine never has done this in public and when he has done it in private he has been given a firm "no" like when he started to bite. I guess it taught him that pulling up my shirt was inappropriate. I would quickly follow the "no" with "please ASK me darling, don't pull my clothes". It has worked !

Best of luck with LLL

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