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how do i REDDUCE my milk supply? please help!

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daisybo Thu 22-Feb-07 16:47:57

really struggling with bf my 4wk old dd. when she feeds she really struggles for the first few minutes, shaking her head, gulping down loads of air and i have to re attach her about 5 or 6 times and wind her in between, until she settles to feed. bf councillor thinks it's because i have too much milk and it's coming out too fast for her. she suggested feeding her from the same side for 2 feeds instead of swapping sides at each feed, but tbh its not helping much. other people have told me to express some off first but bf councillor said not to as it would increase my milk supply when i need to decrease it iykwim.
this is really getting me down as she cries so much when i'm trying to feed her and every feed seems like a battle, she wants the milk but doesn't like how fast it comes out. she is so much more settled when given a bottle of ebm and although its still my milk she's getting i just don't want her to only have bottles, i want all the closeness that bf brings but at the moment it's just not happening
just wondered if anyone had any advice on how i can decrease my supply so that i can feed her and she's happy. sometimes it takes me half an hour to get her latched on happily and i can't really cope with thiss much longer

LIZS Thu 22-Feb-07 16:53:11

Why not express just a little off until let down then latch her on ? Different positions may also help. I don't think it is the amount that is the problem as such, as the initial force. Also remember it is still early days and both your supply and her ability to cope with the let down will adjust.

sar123 Thu 22-Feb-07 16:54:17

hi daisybo have you tried calling the la leche league or NCT breastfeeding helpline? I am not an expert but i can't see what is wrong with expressing off a bit of milk before each feed so that your dd can latch on comfortably? You don't need to use the pump you could just hand express a bit. ok so expressing might stimulate supply but sounds like you are having to express anyway to give her a bottle. That's what I'd do. I hope you get some other responses with advice as well maybe from mumsnetters with mnore experience than me, Good luck.

ejt1764 Thu 22-Feb-07 17:07:03

Daisybo, I had this problem when bf ds (he's now 4 1/2).

The advice about contacting la leche league or the NCT Breastfeeding Line (0870 444 8708) is good - they were really able to help me.

Both organisations also run bf support groups - which are invaluable, and allow you to get to know other bf mums.

You could also express off a little between feeds, if you've managed to guage when your baby is due to start wanting to eat soon - although that's easier said than done to start with.

Also, the main thing is to persevere you are doing a great job - your flow will settle down eventually - or, as happened with ds, he just got used to eating quickly from one side (I called it super-boob - when he fed off that side it was all done and dusted within 10 minutes!)

Hang on in there - it will get easier!


gomez Thu 22-Feb-07 17:13:37

I am currently feeding my third and have had the same problem each time - it did settle down thou' around 6 to 8 weeks so hopefully you will be the same. I used to latch on, let baby feed until I was at the spurting stage, take them off, splurt into a muslin square for a minute or two and then re-latch. Seemed to work okay.

Also for some absurd reason feeding lying down seem to help.

I am sure it will settle down and as your DD gets older she will learn to cope with the stronger flow so although it is a bitch right now keep in mind that it is short-term.


shonaspurtle Thu 22-Feb-07 20:07:39

daisybo - I had this problem. Firstly, it will get better as your supply adjusts to your baby. I used to hand express into a muslin cloth until the spurting stopped (less messy than it sounds!). It didn't increase my milk supply that I noticed and I didn't need to do it for very long (just a few days iirc).

shonaspurtle Thu 22-Feb-07 20:09:10

Snap gomez! Hurrah for muslins, and to think before I was a mother I couldn't see why I needed to buy any...

hart2hart Fri 23-Feb-07 13:06:56

agree with gomez (same with my 2 babies).

After initial latch on I had such a strong let down reflex that the milk squirted out at high pressure! (newborn unable to handle it!). I also used to let it squirt into a muslin then once the flow rate has slowed put the baby back on.

Harder to feed discretely when out of the house

After 6-8 weeks the baby will probably be able to handle the milk at high pressure!

My DS also used to drink too much and sick it up if I let him feed too long - after 6 weeks this also got better.

Actually once established bf has been very easy for me as I've always had so much milk.

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