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Getting pregnant whilst still BFing

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JayneB83 Tue 03-Jan-17 11:57:12

Hi all. I always thought I would like to have my babies close together and DD is now coming up to 8 months old. She's still breastfed and has never accepted a bottle or formula. She's doing well with solids but hasn't got the knack of drinking water from a sippy or open cup as yet. I would love to start trying for number 2, but worried that my milk will dry up if I was to get pregnant and she won't accept an alternative if I try to supplement. Has anyone has a similar experience?
I'm assuming that she would take an alternative if she was hungry enough and the breast milk was gone! I feel like I'm overthinking it, but would be good to hear experiences from other mums who got pregnant whilst still BFing.

westeringhome Tue 03-Jan-17 17:58:56

DD1 was 10 months when I fell pregnant again, I was able to continue breastfeeding for about 4 months and my milk just dried up, the dry sucking was agony and dd1 just got fed up and stopped wanting. I didn't think she would ever want an alternative but she happily took cows milk from a bottle/cup despite being a complete refuser previously. I don't think you're overthinking it, you're being sensible and forward planning smile

teaandbiscuitsforme Wed 04-Jan-17 01:10:58

I got pregnant when DD was 12 months and BF her throughout the pregnancy. Milk drying up is definitely not guaranteed if you get pregnant!

Soozikinzi Wed 04-Jan-17 01:27:53

Two of my sons have 14 months between them and so I must have been pregnant from the older one being 5months he was fully BF I fed him until he was 9 months old when the doctor told me to stop since I may lose calcium I was back at work since this was in 1990 ! I think I should have carried on really but the milk was certainly not drying up of it's own accord if that helps?

JayneB83 Wed 04-Jan-17 11:19:57

Thanks so much ladies - this is really helpful! Definitely makes me feel more confident that it's possible to continue feeding her and I'm sure she would take an alternative if it came to it. These little ones definitely seem to know what they need!

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