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10 month old gone off solids

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andonwego Tue 27-Dec-16 12:10:14

As the title says. DD has been breastfed since birth. She's always had a huge appetite for breast milk, but once we started weaning her she also had a big appetite for solid food.

The last week or so, though, she really only wants breast milk. She is refusing most/nearly all solids. She's not currently teething (and teething has never had this effect before, anyway).

Is it normal? It is OK to just go with it and let her breastfeed as much as she wants even though she's not eating solids right now? (I offer them regularly, so she has the option.)

littledinaco Tue 27-Dec-16 20:40:47

Yes, just let her decide, she'll go back to eating solids at some point. All mine have gone through phases of having very few solids and just breastmilk then back onto solids again.
Kellymom website has some good info about eating solids.

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