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Buying formula - London, Christmas Day

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noveltysocks Sun 25-Dec-16 05:15:02

Just realised after a 4am feed that we don't have enough formula to get our super-hungry, 10lb, three-day old baby through Christmas Day. Does anyone know where we can find some in London - N/NW postcodes, if possible?

I'm sure it'll be relatively easy to find somewhere in the morning, but appreciate any suggestions!

ItsLikeRainOnYourWeddingDay Sun 25-Dec-16 05:16:48

Contact your maternity hospital. They will have some. How on earth don't you have enough though, the baby is just days old??? hmm

ClarissaDarling Sun 25-Dec-16 05:19:41

Could you on the brand website and search for stockists?

EnglebertSlaptyback Sun 25-Dec-16 05:21:21

24 hour pharmacies maybe? Otherwise I have a few bottles of Aptamil you can have. I don't live too far a drive from Hillingdon station if that's of any help.

Horsegirl1 Sun 25-Dec-16 05:26:07

Contact hospital . How on earth don't you habe enough ???

Oneofthe3percent Sun 25-Dec-16 05:34:15

Don't worry about the grief you're getting here, OP. We all make mistakes at the best of times let alone when we're knackered and overwhelmed with a newborn.

There is a mini-market next to Turnpike Lane bus station (behind the tube station) that is usually open at Christmas. I'm not sure how helpful that is as I'm not 100% sure whether they sell formula or not, but they do sell nappies and the likes so it's worth giving it a go if you can't find any other solution.

noveltysocks Sun 25-Dec-16 05:34:20

Thanks folks, appreciate the constructive pointers but believe it or not, I'm not here for your judgement on my fledgling parenting skills or preparation.

I've had almost no sleep since Weds, my girlfriend is laid up in bed after a c-section, and I bought the last three bottles of newborn formula from my local Co-Op last night.

Breastfeeding hasn't gone as we'd planned, ours is one hell of a big baby, and we just need more than we'd thought. Don't tell me you never got caught out as a new parent.

Living in Zone 2 of London actually I don't think it's risky to have assumed that there would be somewhere open that sells it.

ChickyDuck Sun 25-Dec-16 05:45:15

Have a drive around the more dominantly Jewish/Muslim/Sikh etc areas, their shops often don't close at Christmas, especially in areas where there is high population density. There is a shop near me open 11am-1pm today, but I'm zone 5 south west so not that helpful...

Scarydinosaurs Sun 25-Dec-16 05:46:02

Google pharmacies nears you and I bet there is one close by.

chocolatespiders Sun 25-Dec-16 05:49:37

Oh goodness good luck..
I would look for a chemist open.. possibly a garage.
Have you any friends from antenatal classes that might have some.
Congratulations on your new baby

MissWimpyDimple Sun 25-Dec-16 05:50:21

There will be a duty pharmacy near you somewhere. They will have formula. If you look online it should be listed.

Good luck with it all! We all make mistakes with stuff like that and the first weeks rarely go as planned!

You'll be fine. Put the baby in the pram/car and go out as soon as you feel able to.

Bubbinsmakesthree Sun 25-Dec-16 05:56:36

The only shops that will be open are local 'corner shop' types - agree with PP you've got more chance in areas with a large ethnic population although I live in a very white suburb and our local Spar is open.

NC1nightstand Sun 25-Dec-16 05:58:56

Wow cannot believe that anyone would be so judgmental!
With our first baby I just thought I would breast feed no problems, didn't even read up on bottle feeding that's how confident I was. The reality was the first night home was an absolute nightmare that I can still recall vividly 10 years later and an absolute scramble to buy formula, bottles etc when the shop's opened the next day.
I am of no use to you as we no longer live in London but I would be shocked if you couldn't find anywhere in a few hours and as other's have said if all else fails call the maternity ward or ask a cabbie.
Hope the 3 of you have a lovely first Christmas!

sashh Sun 25-Dec-16 05:59:01

There will be an 'on call' pharmacy - google your area.

You may need to phone them first.

My local Boots closes the shop but they have a 24 hour 'window' - like you get in petrol stations.

Don't listen to the 'how on earth...' crowd, you are a new parent with a baby hungrier than usual and they don't come with a hand book.

Mooey89 Sun 25-Dec-16 06:00:03

If you have a local mum and baby Facebook page or buy and sell you could ask on there if anyone has some emergency supplies you could use.congratulations on your squishy new baby.

PaperMaicheLobster Sun 25-Dec-16 06:00:58

Most of the petrol stations near me are open at some point today.

Think the best thing is wait as long as you can and start phoning places

soundsystem Sun 25-Dec-16 06:02:54

I think a garage is your best bet, they'll have formula (not a huge range but they'll definitely have some) and be open.

And congrats on your little one!

MrsSnow Sun 25-Dec-16 06:03:21

Try your local 24 hour pharmacy. If you get very desperate Westburys in SW16 is open (total opposite to where you need) but we had to do a formula run on xmas day last year.

ClarissaDarling Sun 25-Dec-16 06:18:46

If you go on to your local trust website they will have a list of open pharmacies. Could then call to see who has brand you need?

ClarissaDarling Sun 25-Dec-16 06:19:13

and happy first Christmas to you all!

FormerlyFrikadela01 Sun 25-Dec-16 06:23:48

My parents live in a sleepy little village in the north and I know of a pharmacy and 2 garages that will be open and sell formula today so I've no doubt you'll have no problem finding formula in london.

And yes, we were in the same position and was sat outside tesco with a screaming 3 day old whilst dp ran in to buy formula when breastfeeding buggered up. Good luck and merry Christmas fsmile

Whenwillwe3meetagain Sun 25-Dec-16 06:31:45

Why do people have to criticise? Def google duty pharmacies and there willl be one hopefully nearby.
All the best, I also had a 10lber post cs this time two years ago and I struggled to bf, luckily we had enough formula but easily couldn't have done. Zone 2 also but SW London. Good luck!

FellOutOfBed2wice Sun 25-Dec-16 06:42:54

I'm in east London but our Tesco garage is open today and they have formula behind the counter- do you have one nearby?

noveltysocks Sun 25-Dec-16 06:44:24

Thank again everyone, appreciate the support!

One thing I've learnt from this process is that there seems to be a gap in the market for a directory/list of 24/7 shops/pharmacies. Even the NHS website isn't too hot on telling you where's open at Christmas.

Am convinced I'll find somewhere later this morning, so will get on the phone before hopping in the car.

Merry Christmas everyone, have a great day!

Cheguevarahamster Sun 25-Dec-16 06:56:32

Merry Christmas novelty socks. Hope you get some formula soon. Can't believe the judgemental comments on here.

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