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Losing weight whilst breastfeeding

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Riversid3 Sat 17-Dec-16 18:36:41

I hope this is the right place to post this, please let me know if not!

I'd like to start losing some weight in the new year, but I'm currently breastfeeding my 3 month old. I know it's possible to do this safely, but I can't find much online about HOW to do it, other than don't lose more than a pound a week. I don't want to affect my supply as I would be heartbroken if it affected feeding. At the same time I feel I need to start doing something about my 2x baby weight.

Does anyone have any advice, for example a meal planner or suchlike? Or experience of doing it successfully?

Thanks! smile

FurryGiraffe Sat 17-Dec-16 21:01:07

Like you, I hit 3 months post DS2 and felt I had to do something about the weight because the practice nurse shoved me on the scales and I was horrified.

I couldn't find much info either, except for not aiming for more than 0.5kg per week, and that BF mothers need at least 1500-1800 calories per day. So I basically just started calorie counting. I aimed for 1500- made sure I ate at least that and tried not to go much over but didn't beat myself up if I did. I've been actively trying to lose weight for 4 months and have lost nearly 2 stone. So I've actually lost weight rather faster than I was trying to/than you're supposed to. I haven't found any problems with my supply though and I absolutely haven't been struggling with hunger or making myself miserable with it.

The key things I've done are cut out the sugary rubbish and cut down on cheese. I've found that it's easiest to avoid eating the rubbish if I eat regular planned meals and snacks. So eating 3 meals doesn't work for me at the moment- I need to factor in snacks mid morning and mid afternoon as well. If I don't, I get ravenous and then eat cake/half a loaf of bread. I've found a planned banana mid morning works wonders! Equally, I know I need to eat some 'treat' food sometimes or I'll be too hacked off with the whole thing so I do have a slice of cake or a glass of wine here and there.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 17-Dec-16 21:01:37

I think Slimming World is fine as well as the ones mentioned on Kellymom. There's a 7 day meal plan here.

If you're not thinking of trying to lose weight till the New Year, could you do some small things now, like up the amount of fruit and veg you are eating and maybe going for a short walk each day?

Heirhelp Sat 17-Dec-16 21:01:57

You can do an amended version of slimming world.

JiltedJohnsJulie Sat 17-Dec-16 21:04:33

Have a look here too.

Riversid3 Sun 18-Dec-16 19:56:53

Thank you for your replies, all really helpful! I had a look at weight watchers too and they also do a plan tailored to bfeeding so might try that. Need to factor in some exercise too! Thanks again smile

doctorweenie Sun 25-Dec-16 19:42:39

Hi op!
I've also got a 3 mth old and am determined to lose weight.
My main plan is to cut out the crap and exercise more. I intend to do lots of long buggy walks.
Slimming world is good in that it doesn't restrict portion size so although it controls what you eat, you can eat until you are full of the right foods.
Good luck!
I want to lose 4 stone!

Riversid3 Tue 27-Dec-16 19:03:05

Hi doctor! Ah we are in the same boat then! I have just signed up to weight watchers today so it all begins tomorrow! The points allowance is very generous for bfeeding mothers so I'm a bit sceptical but we'll see! I too just need to stop eating all the chocolate and cake, and up my exercise. I'm planning on doing something like a Zumba DVD at home whilst my baby is asleep but I think that may be a little ambitious until I start getting a bit more sleep at night. But I think that would be a fun way of exercising. Good luck!

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