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Changing formula

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Hayleyg2907 Sun 11-Dec-16 20:57:48

Hi 😊 I'm booked in for a c section on wed 21st with my first baby, I've decided to bottle feed. I've bought sma starter kits. But I can't seem to find the same starter kit as the formula I have for when I'm home anywhere. Will this drastically effect baby? Panicking now!

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tiktok Sun 11-Dec-16 23:03:00

? Not sure I get what you mean!

You have SMA starter kit for use in hospital.

You want more starter kits for use at that right?

Call the manufacturer and ask for stockists?

Hayleyg2907 Mon 12-Dec-16 07:45:37

No I have a different formula for use at home same brand just different. Will this effect him if it's only two days at the most he is on the starter kits then change to the formula at home? X

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dementedpixie Mon 12-Dec-16 07:51:35

Which ones have you bought? In what way are they different?

strawberrypenguin Mon 12-Dec-16 07:57:02

How's it different as long as first milk and not a follow on it will be fine but if both are sma I don't see how they're different

Hayleyg2907 Mon 12-Dec-16 09:57:46

One is sma pro the the other is sma comfort? So that should be fine then? .

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Artandco Mon 12-Dec-16 09:59:42

Comfort milk is for those with reflex isn't is? I wouldn't give that if not needed as I think it can cause constipation

dementedpixie Mon 12-Dec-16 11:34:30

SMA comfort doesn't come in a starter set as it's regarded as a more specialist formula as it has less lactose than the normal formula. I would start with SMA pro and see how they get on

strawberrypenguin Mon 12-Dec-16 11:57:06

Don't use comfort unless it's needed you should be using first milk so the pro

tiktok Mon 12-Dec-16 19:58:29

Speak to the midwife about this, and possibly the manufacturers (they'll have a helpline number on the pack). Usual advice would be not to give comfort milk unless clinically indicated...any reason you have bought comfort milk already? Or has it been passed on? You need to check use-by date if so.

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