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Help!Gulping windy baby...

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earplugs Fri 16-Feb-07 20:04:41

DS is 5 months next week and when feeding from either breast or bottle gulps like mad and swallows huge amounts of air some of which comes back up (along with half the feed!)but lots remains trapped and causes the usual agonising probs. Have tried most bottles with all flow teats and currently using the Haberman which gives more flow control, infacol and hours of back patting. Would a feeder cup help? Should I think about early weaning? Any advice most appreciated

REIDnotREEDorREAD Fri 16-Feb-07 20:08:44

have you tried Dr Browns bottles? i have used them since birth with my 6 month old, he does gulp at times too but hasnt suffered too much with wind tbh (we have also used infacol!)

sorry not great advice but maybe worth try?

earplugs Fri 16-Feb-07 20:16:39

Thanks, we've tried the Tommee Tippee Health Check bottles which I think are similar but no joy. Just recently tried the Early Years BreastFlow but he sucks so hard the teat collapes and I have to pull it away to allow air in to re-inflate the teat part. Nightmare.

itwasbanou Sat 17-Feb-07 22:15:13

You could try dreamfeeding for the night feed. My dd was windy, we used the Dr Brown Bfree bottles (recommended by HV) and MAM ones too, which were good, but didn't solve things totally.

Dreamfeeding worked well for us. We went in to her, sat her up and put the bottle in- she automatically started drinking, and because she was so drowsy used to drink the whole lot without any of the usual fuss and bother. Don't know whether this would work for you, but might be worth a try?

itwasbanou Sat 17-Feb-07 22:23:01

Haven't heard of the Early years bottles, but the Mam ones have vent holes in the base which mean that the teat never collapses and you get a continuous flow. They should let your baby feed without having to stop/ start which I always felt encouraged frantic gulping in my dd!

earplugs Sun 18-Feb-07 13:37:34

Will give the Mam bottles a try and see how it goes. To be honest I think using the Haberman has helped in some respects but the teat is so unusual (very long!)that now he won't accept any other type apart from the Breastflow...typical!

fuzzymummy Fri 23-Feb-07 17:49:07

sorry , can you tell me where you got the breastflow bottle from ? Is this the one that is meant to be closest to bf technique ?

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