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8 month old dropping feeds too fast?

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PetrovaFossil1 Tue 29-Nov-16 07:49:57

I've got a just turned 8 month old who I've done baby led weaning with from 6 months. He's taken to solids amazingly well and eats 3 big meals a day.

He was on 4 breastfeeds a day but in the last couple of days has shown very little interest in the middle two feeds. He does drink a lot morning and evening though.
It seems too early to be cutting out a significant amount of milk but since I'm doing BLW I'm not sure how to approach it. Should I cut back on quantity of solids I offer him at breakfast and lunch?

My day normally goes something like this:
7am big breastfeed
8.15 breakfast (porridge, pancakes or cereal with fruit)
11am breastfeed
12.00 lunch (protein, veg and carbs)
2.30 breastfeed
5.00 dinner
6.30 big breastfeed

Pipsicola Tue 29-Nov-16 09:38:42

I'd be interested to know too. My 8 month old has 3 good meals plus breastfeeding anything from 3-6x daily (usually 4). I thought milk still plays a big role at this age but cutting back food to have more milk does sound counterintuitive. My DD is healthy, pooing/weeing well and gaining weight so sure that is what is important!

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