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Supply reduced?

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Liskee Thu 24-Nov-16 13:09:17

So 2 weeks ago DS2 (20 weeks) had a virus/cold. Didn't appear to reduce feeding in any way and in fact was awake more for feeds at night. Fast forward to weigh in with HV this week and he's dropped from 50th to 25th centile.

First thing HV says is 'is your supply okay?' And second thing is 'would you not start weaning him and try s bit of baby rice mixed with formula'.

I made it clear I won't be weaning until at least 24 weeks. He's not ready. So just no.

But now she's got me concerned about my supply and got me thinking I should be supplementing with formula. Any advice on how to recognise if your supply goes down and how to fix it?!?!

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SpeakNoWords Thu 24-Nov-16 18:30:06

Oh dear. I totally disagree with the HV's comments. If your DS was fighting off an infection he will have been using more energy as a result. Also, he might have been taking less milk even though he was feeding more, it's impossible to know.

Your supply won't just randomly reduce. Just keep feeding as usual, maybe don't let him go more than 4 hrs between feeds, and see how he is at the next weigh in. If you supplement with formula that will affect your supply, if it replaces a breastfeed that your DS would otherwise have requested.

I really don't understand why the first piece of advice isn't to try feeding more frequently.

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