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Milk stuck in breast

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Lou2711 Tue 22-Nov-16 12:24:06

I thought it was mastitis but my breast isn't red/hot & I don't feel unwell. But my breast is full and hard on one part, it feels sore but I'm struggling to drain it, I think DD is struggling with it too and seems to be fussing about it (11 weeks). I've tried hand expressing and I have a electric pump but both don't seem to get much out. Works fine with other breast where I can express a full feed. I can get enough out to make it feel ok, but then it just fills back up. Any help/advice please sad

FloodMud Tue 22-Nov-16 12:28:41

Not much advice, but have you tried putting a warm cloth on it and then massaging before expressing?

Pocketsizedpixie Tue 22-Nov-16 12:28:56

You've probably got a blocked milk duct, some good advice here

I found massaging and expressing in a hot bath the most effective way of clearing them, as well as lots of feeding.

badg3r Tue 22-Nov-16 12:38:16

Have you tried different feeding positions? Crouching over DC so your boob is dangling and getting them to feed while massaging the hard bit at the same time might shift it. Yes, it looks ridiculous. Yes, it has worked for me in the past!

Lou2711 Thu 24-Nov-16 09:18:52

Thanks for the tips everyone, it's feeling a lot better smile

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