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How to persuade baby to feed from mastitis boob

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MummyTheTramEngine Thu 17-Nov-16 21:02:54

It came on about 24 hours ago, pretty badly- my boob is swollen, red and hot and I was quite dizzy and feverish. I got antibiotics and I feel a bit better in myself but my boob still hurts and looks awful. Baby was still feeding from it till this morning, but now it's like he can't latch- he has a couple of tries then gets distressed- maybe it tastes funny? It really hurts, what can I do? I've tried expressing but nothing comes out (even in the bath) but I've always been shit at expressing. Baby is 11months. Any tips would be great!

dontpokethebear Thu 17-Nov-16 21:04:14

Have you tried hand expressing? Do you still get 'let down?'.

DrSeuss Thu 17-Nov-16 21:04:39

Use a pump. Painful but worth it! Massage in a circular motion as you pump.

HopelesslydevotedtoGu Thu 17-Nov-16 21:07:14

Try feeding him lying down on your other side but leaning across so baby is feeding from the sore boob on your far side

Dangle feeding- baby lying on back, you on elbows and knees adove dangling boob into his mouth

HopelesslydevotedtoGu Thu 17-Nov-16 21:08:26

Feed him in a sling so he is upright? Always helps when mine are having trouble latching

ispymincepie Thu 17-Nov-16 21:11:10

Incase it's caused by a blocked duct (usually always the cause of my mastitis and couldn't always tell straight away) give the nipple a good scrub with a dry towel before feeding/pumping. It can be enough unblock it then.

FreeButtonBee Thu 17-Nov-16 21:13:39

Dangle feeding defo - and try to get the baby'a chin on top of the main blockage (so you may have to rotate!)

Also try rugby ball hold and hot hot shower spray directly on the boob with a massage using a face cloth.

Ouchy. It is horrible.

MummyTheTramEngine Thu 17-Nov-16 21:16:14

Thank you all, will try all of these.

MummyTheTramEngine Thu 17-Nov-16 21:24:43

Woohoo! Massage with towel and dangle feeding worked! I could kiss every one of you!

ispymincepie Thu 17-Nov-16 21:29:34


badg3r Thu 17-Nov-16 21:39:15

Ah the old dangle feed. Winner every time, although I always used to think "this is what is must feel like to be a cow."...
Get well soon op!

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