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Nipple Thrush, unsettled baby and treatment help please

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DebsCee Tue 13-Feb-07 21:58:04

I am 99.9% certain that I have thrush in my breasts - immense pain deep in breast - nothing visible on the outside, but itchy, pain only AFTER each feed, started on one side 2 days ago, now on both sides after 4 weeks of pain free feeding. Had my latch checked out by BF consultant and confirmed as good and thrush was also suggested by her - I had thought it might be after doing some research.
In agony today and have GP appointment tomorrow, and wanted to get advice on best treatment to ask for as I just know GP will be useless and not clued up, though is very open if I go armed with info. Have found lots of stuff on BFN site and printed that off - looking for opinions on best topical treatment to ask for really - DS2 shows no signs of thrush in his mouth but is acting uncomfortable and pulling off the breast crying and is really unsettled and windy - unsual for him so far. I know that I will need oral treatment for 10 days but really clueless on topical stuff - whats good and what's not - anyone been there can give any advice please?

moondog Tue 13-Feb-07 22:00:17

Topical never worked for me through two very bad stints although I tried it.
What worked like magic was the fluconazole.
BFN states the required dose I think.

moodywren Tue 13-Feb-07 22:02:25

I am going through same thing. Had mastitis and got antibiotics then got thrush in breasts and ds got it in his mouth. It got infected so I am back on antibiotic and stuff for thrush. I have Nystatin cream 3 times a day and he has Nystatin drops for his mouth. The thrush in is mouth is right at the back so i couldn't see it at first.

DebsCee Tue 13-Feb-07 22:15:08

Thanks MD - had read up on the Fluconazole and figured that's what I'm going to ask for, but understood that DS2 would also need oral gel even though no obvious signs of it and read that Nystatin wasn't the best choice - so I want to ask for all 3 treatments - tablets and cream for me and some gel for DS2's mouth as well.

DebsCee Tue 13-Feb-07 22:16:41

Also meant to ask - is it likely that the worsening thrush is causing the discomfort and unsettled sleeping for LO too?

moondog Tue 13-Feb-07 22:24:28

Could be
Spidermama is the real expert on this stuff.
She has posted extensively on it if you check old b'feeding threads.

DebsCee Sun 18-Feb-07 12:03:15

Went to see GP who was happy to prescribe as per the BFN site, with Daktarin gel and cream for me and DS and a 10 day course of Fluconazale for me, although at the lowest doses - 150mg followed by 10 days of 2 x 50mg.

It is now day 4 of taking the course and although most of the deep pain has gone, the throbbing and stinging of my nipples between feeds is just the same really. My nipples are still blanched white after and again between feeds too - it really stings, though no cracks and no direct nipple pain if I touch them.

Am now worried that this is not going to stop, and beginning to 2nd guess myself and question my latch and getting stressed about it, although I feel certain that if the latch was that wrong I would have pain when feeding DS wouldn't I - and I have none?!

Can anyone help please?

kazbeth Mon 19-Feb-07 08:59:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

squirrel999 Mon 19-Feb-07 09:14:46

Hello, I have managed to get rid of thrush after having it for nearly 20 weeks. I had the highest dose of fluconazale which is on the BFN website, along with daktarin gel for baby's mouth. I also put a solution of vinegar on nipples afer every feed, took grapefruit seed extract in water every day, actimel first thing in the morrning, the acidiphillous capsules last thing at night and after every nappy change cleaned hands in milton antibacterial, it kills thrush AND I gave up anything with sugar in, did this the whole time i was on the fluconazale, about 2 weeks. And we have now shifted it. We have now been clear for about 3 or 4 weeks.
Hope this helps, I sympathasise its a pain, really frustrating thing to have and causes unsettled baby. Good luck and thanks to all the Mners! I got all my tips and info from here xxxxxxxxxx

DebsCee Thu 08-Mar-07 17:32:59

Oh well, I was thrush free for all of 2 weeks and now it's back again. Back to the Dr's tomorrow for more tablets, higher dosage this time. Am really at wits end with what else to do. I'm already doing the following:

>Drinking Yakult each morning
>Taking acidophillus tablets AM and PM
>Rinsing nipples in vinegar after each feed
>Using daktarin cream on me after each feed
>Daktarin gel on DS2 after each feed (though he has no signs in his mouth)
>Soaking my bras, muslins, towels etc in vinegar solution and washing separately at 60C
>Changing breast pads at every feed
>Also taking Candida homeopathic remedy daily

Have tried to cut out wine, wheat, sugar etc but easier said than done.

Is there anything else that I can do? Help!

TheBlonde Thu 08-Mar-07 17:37:50

I've not tried it myself but Gentian violet is supposed to knock it out

DebsCee Thu 08-Mar-07 17:45:36

I've read about Gentian Violet but struggling to find anywhere in the UK that I can buy it!

TheBlonde Thu 08-Mar-07 17:55:56

I just found this place online

DebsCee Thu 08-Mar-07 18:39:15

Thanks, not sure if it's the right stuff but I've ordered some!

DebsCee Thu 08-Mar-07 18:44:41

Also, was wondering if anyone else used Lansinoh when they had thrush - I've just realised that the fact it keeps your nipples moist may actually help the thrush to grow, so be counter-productive to all the other stuff I am using/trying, so as of now, no more Lansinoh, unless someone can tell me it's nonsense!

kazbeth Fri 09-Mar-07 18:20:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DebsCee Fri 09-Mar-07 21:08:09

Thanks KB & Squirrel - I do hope it goes this time around as the burning/stinging sensation is awful, and I've caught it this time in the early stages, so it's not as bad as it was first time around. I described it to my DH as similar to the feeling you get when you've fallen into stinging nettles - the sensation never completely goes away. And my DS1 fell into me today whilst jumping around and knocked my boobs and it brought tears to my eyes, horrid feeling.

Anyway, GP was great today and has prescribed me the highest dose of Fluconazole - 400mg for 1 day followed by 14 days of 200mg. We both assumed from the BFN website that the 200mg was to be taken as 2 doses of 100mg each per day - one in the morning and one in the evening - is that how you took it, or should it be one dose per day of 200mg do you know?

Anyway, fingers crossed and thanks for all the help on here - MN is great.

DebsCee Fri 09-Mar-07 21:09:11

Forgot to add, grapefruit seed extract is on order, due to arrive Monday along with the Gentian Violet - I'm trying everything!

cheethaz Fri 23-Mar-07 12:05:42

Can I add a question (my first post!)? I've been treating thrush for a week now with Daktarin nipple cream for me and gel for baby. After 5 days the symptons were a lot better but still quite painful in one nipple so I asked for and got Flucanozole. Things are still improving and I've only taken the first dose of flucanozole. I'm wondering if I've jumped the gun and should have held off and continued to treat it with the cream and gel. Am I overmedicating if I add the flucanzole when things seem to be improving? But am terrified of it coming back as it was so horribly painful and I'm also prone to vaginal thrush (usually one attack a year at least...)Any advice gratefully received.

DebsCee Fri 23-Mar-07 20:24:51

Cheethaz - I would say based on my experience of having it twice now, take the tablets AND use the creams. It took until day 5 of the tablets for my symptons to clear, and IMO it's not worth waiting to see if the pain gets any worse or goes because when it gets a grip it is excrutiating to say the least. And I'd recommend continuing to use the creams for at least a week after the course of tablets is finished, because it can come back really quickly.

Don't forget the golden rule about soaking (in vinegar/Milton fluid) and then washing separately all clothing and towels that have come into contact with your hands, nipples, milk or babies mouth. I am still doing this a week after completing treatment because I do not want thrush back ever again - it was that bad!

Pedngirl Thu 15-Oct-09 12:24:18

I just wanted to say *thank you* to everyone for all the advice. This is great. Thrush is absolute agony and I have just got it for the first time with my second son.
I had it with my first son and thought it was thrush but was told by my then doctor "don't be silly you can't get thrush in your breast - you must have mastitis". I was made to feel silly and ended up stopping breastfeeding earlier than I would have liked to.
I now have a good doctor and with him and the advice I have seen on here I hope that I can get through it this time.
My doctor has prescribed 1 day of 150mg Fluconozole and then 2 weeks on 50mg as well as daktarin oral gel for my son and my nipples. I am also taking Grapefruit Seed Extract and have made a solution with Grapefruit Seed Extract Oil to wipe on nipples. Anything that I have missed?
Many thanks

Pedngirl Sat 24-Oct-09 11:43:12

Has anybody tried Threelac? If you have how did you find it worked?
Many thanks

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